We are ascending into a new harmonic universe that is based on the Female Magnetic Field of Frequencies. The Female Magnetic Field is what pulls together the Spiritual with the Physical. The higher frequencies of plasma that is permeating the Earth is actually creating a completely new Magnetic Field structure.

The return of the Female Magnetic Field of Frequencies will enable the rites of passage through the Ascension Portals. It is the frequency of Transmutation. It is not the frequency of removing the Electric Male portion of the Formula. But it is the frequency that moves the Male Frequency into the Magnetic Union of the Spiritual becoming at One with the Physical.

When we speak of creating “Heaven on Earth”, it is ultimately the divine union of our masculine and feminine principles as fully embodied, surpassing all earth limitations.

We are in the final stages of a mass ascension. The critical mass will rise along with the planet into the New Harmonic Universe.

Within Harmony, Divine Love, and Oneness.

by: Romeo Baron


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