It’s amazing to know that we can feel how we want to feel, regardless of circumstances or situations. Unconditionally.

Unconditional love used to seem like such a lofty and unachievable state of being. Beyond actual realization. I feel differently about it now. Unconditional love is hard when I try to like everyone and everyone else’s preferences for doing things. But unconditional love and true appreciation becomes easy even, (yes I said easy) when I am in alignment and know I am sovereign…

Expect Wonderful by Ailia Mira

Message from the Galactic Dragons, Channeled October, 2015 and October 2016, by Ailia Mira ~ Note – this message is an unusual one. It is built upon a transmission received about a year ago and was channeled into again today, spiraling this message into a different version of the transmission for now.




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