Bethan Elviea Lumina – Wow, I feel like I have been shedding layers and layers lately, an old skin falling away just like a snake.

As our carbon DNA alchemises and becomes even more crystalline, the old cellular debris are being burnt away. It makes way, for the New resurrected Life force that wishes to enter, like the symbol of the serpent, our kundalini rises, spiraling through every layer of our subtle energetic bodies, I felt the transmutation very deep this time, like some core codes being rewritten.

I felt this deep integration for about a week now and with any upgrading process, the old needs to at times arise so it can be dissolved. It’s like looking at every part of our journey without judgement, that all of it, even the nasty bits got us this far so everything served a purpose. I feel like our bodies are asking us to be truly compassionate with our Selves and our Cells! As this crystallization of our Light into our body, makes way for the emergence of our Soul. Dormant cellular memory is switched on, more Divine remembrance takes place, of our true Origins, our lineage and where we descended from.

Illuminating the path of our Earth mission to the sacred vow we made long ago to come here and serve. I’m also seeing lots of photonic light in the sky and many cloud ships… our Star fam saying Hi. People sit and wait for contact to occur when really it’s already hear. The veils are thinning and we are phasing into that multi-d reality, like a radio station we are switching up our dial.

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It’s important to ground when these accelerated frequencies and dimensional shift is occurring, not getting to swept up with the racing mind and always come back to our body. The stillness and silence, as this natural organic process has its own Divine formula, occurring in perfect timing. No need to rush or jump forward, that Divine presence of the Now is truly where our Ascension occurs. I’m saying this because I forget myself sometimes, so easy to get swept up in the forward thinking. Like today Spirit said to me, “Seeds take time to grow.” Within the embodiment of the Now, we are found, safe and sound, our Soul was with us all along.


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