QHHT is an acronym for Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy which is a technique developed by Dolores Cannon that reaches the deepest past of the brain while under hypnosis. During this session, the subject talks about the upcoming shift and the New Earth..

QHHT Session with Renee’s Subconscious on the Shift, Old & New Earth, Light Workers, The US Election, The Creator of the Greater Consciousness, Parallel Lives, Life after Life, Egypt, ET’s & Atlantis & Multiple Dimensions

My Kind client, Renee, has giver her permission for this portion of her QHHT session to be transcribed and posted. Thank you Renee for your generosity! We wanted to ask about the shift. Her SC was so strong I tried to keep the connection going by continuing to ask questions.



Editor’s Note: Ultimately, we will see a complete collapse of the 3D governmental/political and monetary system.  After this Collapse has become obvious is when we will be plugged in to the Greater Consciousness and the new Photon Energy of new Earth will emerge. No one will be able to suppress the free use of the photon energy. This will change our entire existence in to complete Universal Knowledge, including Travel and Education over night. The inner Earth people will introduce technology that will remove all radiation and impurities from the ocean. There is technology that makes everything clean instantly.

We are almost at the time of the most exciting experience you will ever have. For those of us who are ready, it will be more like a Huge Miracle appearing before us. It will be the most wonderful of all occasions. All will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways.

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