– The Matrix has now become a commonplace term that describes a contrived and artificial construct of reality.

Dr. Maree Batchelor explains the mass programming that’s kept us in the Matrix, and most importantly how to get out.

Though more individuals are starting to suspect that their lives are indeed controlled and animated by a force that is more artificial than organic, many others are still at the mercy of the agenda known as the Matrix, including karmic programming, that has been largely responsible for derailing humanity’s ability to wake up and evolve.

In part two of my interview with Australian physician and healer, Dr. Maree Batchelor, she goes even deeper into this agenda and describes what she calls “parasitic thought forms,” as a major impediment to mankind’s evolution.

We have these what I call ‘parasitic thought forms’ that take us away from the present moment. Most of these thoughts are useless and are making people feel anxious and unhappy,” Batchelor says.

Is it any wonder then that anxiety, depression and despair are so ubiquitous these days? Batchelor insists that the intrusion of parasitic thought forms count as a major factor in these conditions, but states they can be stopped by a very simple and effective technique…

…When we start to clear those [thought forms] off and focus on getting into a now moment, people feel a lot of healing – just in that. And then teaching people to actually not consent any longer to what’s been done to them. So the minute you feel a level of self-concern, fear or anxiety, understand that it’s not coming from your natural state. It is some form of sabotage, either through a karmic program or a program that you picked up in this lifetime, or through technologies…When you say, ‘I don’t consent to this’ it’s interesting how much of this [programming] will switch off.

Batchelor, a licensed medical doctor has now centered her focus on what she calls healing through DNA activation. That is waking up what has been referred to as “junk DNA.” Others also contend that this junk is actually dormant DNA strands that are encoded with frequencies that can bring a multitude of advanced abilities to the individual. And once these frequencies are grounded both in the individual and the planet, we can adjust to living on what Dolores Canon called “A New Earth.”

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Batchelor agrees that there will (and possibly is) a New Earth that is forming as we speak. But rather than this being viewed as a separate physical cosmic body, it will be a new dimension of existence for those who have had their DNA activated or upgraded.

Maree Batchelor’s work has gained an urgent momentum as individuals all over the planet are contacting her to get their DNA activated and karmic programming removed.

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