Rick Jewers – PRESENTLY, one of the most significant complements of the Ascension is happening.The rising of the Masculine.

While the Feminine leads the charge in Your Ascension, a certain Masculine quotient is required to allow for the Shifts and leaps. Without explaining why, You know the importance of the timing of this increase in the Masculine vibration.

Powerful Masculine Energy is Now joining the Feminine to allow for a significant Shift to occur in the very near future. Because of the prowess of this New Masculine Energy a limit will not be put on how far You may go in this next Shift.

As You Knew and are seeing more, the significant eras of accepted history are playing a role in this Ascension. Not only the importance of Indigenous beliefs and these peoples globally but also the Mythical Gods and those eras. These are Now coming into play because the histories must be changed and free of written manipulation, the TRUTH will progress.

The roles many of You had played during Your many lifetimes here, included roles as great Indigenous figures as well as Mythical Gods. Many of You were here together in Biblical Times, Atlantis, Lemuria and even times unknown to You yet. You are beginning to access and receive more memory of these times for purpose in this Now and moving forward. You are also able to access Your Energy from those Times and annex it with Your Now energy. Essentially, You are activating past prowess to add to this empowered You.You are collecting Your essences from time, bringing them into one, in this Now.

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What You have seen and experienced thus far, activates the Knowing of, nothing is impossible. Impossibilities will become more prevalent as higher Timelines are accessed by You, and the Collective grows at a rapid rate, towards flashpoint. You are to closely monitor Your energetic fields, keeping them as stable as possible. Timelines will be fluctuating and flickering, Your multidimensional abilities will be shown more to You at this time and forward. Time and space will become more unconstant for You. Things will appear and disappear in Your present realities more rapidly. These fluctuations will stabilize at a higher level at a later period, til then, have fun.

 Love and Light
 Rick Jewers


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