Amanda Lorence – Below, the energetic formational patterns Gaia is receiving NOW and since 31/12/17. She is always receiving patterns. These patterns are given to each human, aware or not aware of the patterns. The more our dormant nerves activate, the more we become aware of energy patterns either physically, mentally or etherically.

The term ENERGY MASTER is a loose term that has infinite definitions dependent on the human consciousness state. In terms of this mass ascension, we become aware of our connection to energy within and without. A person’s ‘path’ is individual and will present different ways of connecting to infinite energy and energies. It’s very individual.

If the below patterns and previous drawings of energy resonate with you, spark you, create energy within you…I can only recommend to work with YOUR energy. These patterns I present can be assimilated within your brain via imaginative means be closing your eyes and moving these patterns in your head as shown. This, will trigger your nerves if still dormant. So expect sensation thereafter within your head if you start to practice this routinely (maybe once or twice a day). The more we work with energy, the stronger and clearer it is seen and understood at personal path level. We then realise our connections, and at perfect individual timing are shown by our light body what is being encouraged we work with in our physical NOW, to develop and master. It takes intention and practice yet it is this intention through ‘doing’ that brings more and more mastery, human understanding and connectivity to ever present energies.

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No one HAS to do this, but if it’s your path to do so, you will find your own way to work with energy. This here is just a share.

In truth, everyone has it within them to master energy, yet how we work with it is individual to each human path. Where many on the ascending path will become adept at working WITH the NOW energies as a way to assist all via Love and the highest good. Together, the individualised energy masters, working differently and efficiently in this field assist the whole. And WILL assist the whole as we progress.

May the force be with you (joke, yet real!)

AL 06/01/18


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