Tiffany Stiles – Dear Beautiful Souls ~ Have you heard the high pitched frequencies coming in through the ears over the past week very strongly and much more consistently than usual? Have you felt the power surges going up your legs? The saying comes to mind, “As Above, So Below.”

The crystalline frequencies mixed with plasma have continued, and in consistent manner, the Schumann Resonance has continued to spike as well. The light codes continue integrating through the 111 portal that began on 11/11(November 11th) 1,1,11 (January 1st, 2018) and today, January 11th (111). These are manifesting codes coming into our being at lightening speed! They remind us to keep our thoughts positive as Cosmic Universal Energy takes a snapshot of your thoughts/words, and manifests this into your physical reality immediately!

The Schumann Resonance spikes give power surges to get accomplished what is needed with lazer focus. The cosmic energy brings the codes into your being to fire up dormant DNA. As the energy has pulsed between these two for 3 weeks straight, there were high energy days, but naps were/are required in quiet downtime to integrate these cellular reprogramming codes. The high pitched ear ringing are “your codes” you understand on a subconscious level. As you rest these codes integrate, and you see from the highest level what your Guides and Angels are sending to you. This has shifted from a subconscious knowing to an awakened knowing. Now as the high pitched ear ringing comes into your being we are decoding the message as it comes in. We have a knowing without knowing where this knowing stems from. Have you had new ideas come out of the blue? Have your Divine synchronisities been more in your face to get your attention? The number sequences that you are seeing on a daily basis are encoded messages from the Divine. Stop, look up the meaning and indeed it will hold significance to whatever is transpiring in your life at that very moment. These synchronisities force us to live in our here and now as to not miss the messages that are being given. The moment we step into the past or future the signs disappear.

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Has your Intuitive Knowing escalated over the past two to three weeks? As you integrate these codes your higher self and awareness are heightened. It’s so strong that you can’t ignore it and heed this energetic message to listen to what is being given. As your intuition heightens your solar plexus chakra also becomes more balanced. Assertiveness with a kind heart, and spoken lovingly from the throat chakra gets your message across loud and clear. Remember, you don’t have to be mean, or cruel to get this message across. It will not be heard or accepted in this manner. It must come from the heart.

Today more Divine codes are given and received on this 1/11 portal. Your psychic awareness grows stronger as you align to each of these portals energetically.

The energy may start of sluggish today as emotions surfaced last evening to be healed which may have taken it out of you. This is no mistake as we approach the full moon/blue moon (2nd full moon this month) on January 31st. This is a full moon lunar eclipse in the sign of Leo. Leos are ruled by the sun, masculine energy. The two moons this month bring a double dose of divine feminine. This may have your emotions riding a crazy wave, so be cognizant of the cosmic source to be able to ride this emotional rollercoaster with more ease. These emotions are surfacing from the solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017 which was also on the sign of Leo. Whatever you began to process at that time will come to culmination on January 31st lunar eclipse. This event hasn’t occurred for 150 years. Know it’s power to transform you will be instantaneous as healing occurs on a multi dimensional level of mind, body spirit.

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As the day progresses, the energy level will increase again with geomagnetic spikes in Gaia. As evening approaches you may feel your focus waning, and your energy reserves needing recharged. Honor yourself and listen to what your body needs. The appetite has also switched from the intense hunger we experienced during the last 6 months of 2017. Now the appetite is null. We are eating to sustain and are craving the photonic light from our sun to recharge the Crystalline light body more.

These As Above, So Below energy surges will continue through the lunar eclipse to show cosmic energy meets physical manifestation instantaneously! This to show us how we create our realities right here and now. Be fully aware of your thoughts, words, self talk and actions to manifest your most desired outcome.

The crystal that is coming to me to assist in this shift is Rhodocrosite which assists with strength and love. 

Sending much love, light and blessings to you on your continued journey. Manifest with Love! 💞
Love, Tiffany Stiles ~ Metaphysical Life Coach


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