Sessions of Empowerment

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This is a monthly program of spiritual development that delivers high frequency light transmission and supported by integrative group process and spiritual satsong.

The success of this highly transforming program is attributed to the divine currents of grace that bless this empowered work, in response to the resonant group harmonic and unified intention.


WE SEE YOU and have taken your valuable feedback to improve upon this offering and to help elevate your experience of self- empowerment.

This program is now enhanced with optional integrative support! This will give an extra boost to your “assimilation” of the transmission energies as this syncs up with the rhythms of your daily life.

Sacred Satsong will also be provided to help you dive deeper into your soul initiations and to emerge from those special a’haa moments of self-realization.

We are honored to present this year’s expanded format:

Energy Transmissions + Integrative Group Process + Sacred Satsong

Our 2018 Self-Empowerment Theme…



This year’s Empowerment Series is designed to help you step boldly and confidently into the authentic expression of Divine Presence, the greater YOU that is ready to burst forth and infuse your human radiance.

Through light-encoded energetic transmission coupled with integrative processing, you will be masterfully guided into genuine emergence of the embodied state of Divine Immanence, both as an inner knowing and an outer brilliance.

Each Month’s Focus of Development:

February ~ Preparing for Embodiment (1st SESSION on February 15)

March ~ Soul Initiation & Personality Refinement

April ~ Shifting Polarization to the Higher Mental Body

May ~ Thriving through the Reflective Mirror

June ~ Emerging through the Alchemist’s Keys

July ~ Going Beyond the Human Senses

August ~ Opening the Channels to Divine Mind

September ~ Human Blueprint Code Upgrade

October ~ Opening the Crystalline Seals

November ~ Realizing your Omnipresent Self

December ~ Living as Divine Presence

Empower yourself through one, two, or better yet… do them ALL!


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