Current Energies and Symptoms for the Different Ascension Waves

Vera Ingeborg - Since the beginning of 2017, we are experiencing very new energy frequencies. Something that has never been here before. To be precise,...

Super Quantum Earth and Our New Existence

Lisa Brown - Aloha beautiful love family, We’ve moved into a most powerful time (vibration), with our NEW Earth going Super Quantum with the transition...

Current Ascension Shift Symptoms

We are addressing different spectrums of the Starseed and Light Bearers shift awakening, to let you know you are all a part of this...

Earth’s Magnetic Field and the New Consciousness

Tom Kenyon - It is a response of the molten core of your earth itself; and the magnetic field is having a conversation with...

Freedom and Sacred Partnerships in 5D

Vera Ingeborg - When we embark on the sacred journey, we have no idea what we have gotten into on a conscious, mind level....

Arcturians: Possible Phases of Ascension

Arcturians - Please note that these phases overlap within what you perceive as “time.” Furthermore, not everyone will go through every cycle of this...

Major Shifts in Consciousness Observed Throughout the Animal Kingdom

Christina Sarich - Humans have long thought themselves to be the smartest animals on the planet, but evidence continues to reveal that even with...

Sacred Geometry, Sonic Codes… Awakening the Light Body Matrix

The activation of the sustained reconnection of 33 circuits of Human bio-circuitry via a resonant response to the synergy of the geometric and sonic...

The Arcturians: Activating Human Evolution

We the Arcturians are happy to communicate with our Ascending Ones within your time of initiation. Yes, you have all been undergoing very important...

The Sacred Secret: our bodies are alchemical instruments

Doreen Ann Agostino – According to Santos Bonacci and ancient Hermetic wisdom, our bodies are alchemical instruments. We have the ability to turn lead...

The Great Awakening, Raising Your Vibration

Sharode Penny – People who have a high vibration often feel lighter, open, stable and loving. While feelings of heaviness, denseness, darkness and fear...

How Many of These Awakening Symptoms Have You Experienced

Many people have the feeling as if something big is going to happen, yet nobody really knows what this big change is going to...

The Great Awakening, Raising Your Vibration

There is so much change and excitement in the air. Can you feel it? Have you noticed shifts in your way of thinking? The...

Energy Update ~ Can You Feel The Real Time Shift?

Those of us who have been diligently 'hanging in there' in faith and trust (and sometimes losing a little of that along the way...

The Language of Light and Spiritual Development

The avatars and masters have now permeated the gridwork of the world, bringing with them their own tools for teaching. The tools that are...

Arcturians: Becoming Your Higher Self

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to become your higher self, then please recognize that you already have been your higher...

The Density of the 3D is Dissolving

As you know frequency and vibrational photonic light is transforming every cellular structure within, all is being transmuted into your own individual light quotients....

How Solar Flares Directly Affect Human Consciousness

Everything within this dense configuration of Reality that we call the Universe is interconnected. Through this interconnectedness, everything affects everything else. From the dawn...

The Dark Night of the Soul

The “dark night of the soul” is an expression that St. John of the Cross used to describe three stages in the aspirant’s journey...

3D Energetics is Collapsing – Annoyed and Physically Ill? Here is Why – November

  by Vera Ingeborg This Article:

Energy Update: Super-Charged Power Waves & Responses To Light & Shadow

Current Energy Trends + Sensitivity Symptoms: WAVES OF EMOTIONAL INTENSITY are showing up across the world in extreme ways right now. These waves are FAST...

The Divine Upgrades Have Started

by Lucia René Article:

22 Signs That You Are Embodying Your Higher Self

by Gustavo Castaner

“The Pleiadian video that triggered my Awakening”

Bringers of the Dawn - Teachings from the Pleiadians Full originally published in 2007 by Barbara Marciniak The book was Published September, 1992. The Pleiadians with Barbara...

10 Signs You are Experiencing a Recalibration of Your Mind-Body-Soul System

As we transition from a third dimensional reality to a hyperdimensional existence we are experiencing a recalibration of our mind-body-soul being. A process that...

The Grand Shift Of Human Consciousness

by Archaeia Faith Article:

Bio-Neurology – Spiritual Consciousness and Planetary Awareness

by Lisa Renee Article: False Ascended Master and 7 Ray Clearing - This meditation clears and removes False Ascended Master Matrix and associated programs, holographic inserts...

Clearing The Negative Ego

by Lisa Renee energeticsynthesis.c­om

More Physical Ascension Upgrades October 2016

Aluna Joy and her life long guides "The Star Elders" work together as a team to DIAGNOSE & CLEAR... negative beliefs, programming & judgments;...

Weekly LightBlast with Jamye Price – The Power to Change

Read it here: Jamye Price is an energy healer, author, channel, teacher and student of life. She created a healing modality, Crystalline Soul Healing...

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