The Nibiruan Council: compassion and integration are the key words for 2017

Well, we made it through the holidays and are now into a new year.  Happy new year to you all!  And we are all...

A Message For Those Who Lack Direction

“We are the Pleiadian High Council of Seven, and we are pleased to offer you our words of wisdom. Having a sense of direction in...

The Vision Seekers

By the Archangels, the Elohim and the Ascended Masters through Sue Lie Beloved Ones, We come to you within the NOW to remind you that Gaia...

Experiencing Unconditional Love, The Council of Radiant Light

Channeled by Ailia Mira Hello Dear Friends, In this new year, this new beginning, you find that there are many options still, and always for your...

Arcturians: Possible Phases of Ascension

Arcturians - Please note that these phases overlap within what you perceive as “time.” Furthermore, not everyone will go through every cycle of this...

2017 The Year of Propulsion, A Look at What’s to Come

Angelic Guides - We have been asked to discuss our perspective on the upcoming energies of this New Year, the year of 2017. As...

Ascension Tools for 2017 and Beyond

Celestial White Beings - Transitions of any form require the embodiment and acceptance of love; the purest vibration of love from the Creator. The...

The Light Bearer’s Path

Conscious Reminder - We are in a time of great change, but also great confusion. Our old traditions and the way we used to...

The Great Wave of Liberation is Sweeping All Over Earth

I am Judas Iscariot and I greet you all from above. Today is the day of strength. What do I mean by that? Yes,...

An Acceleration of Favorable Aspects of the Ascension Process

My oh my, have you ever experienced anything like these energies? They are twisting and turning in massive change and unpredictability. Many of us...

Soul Ascension, Emotional and Mental Maturity

During this time of ascension currently dawning upon the Earth there is a need to ask for a download of healing light into your...

A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom

Greetings, Divine Ones, Today we want to play with words. We want to play with words in a way that we hope will give you...

The Golden Age Possibility and Certainty

The adjustments of humanity continue to occur as there are many people who are unable to accept the shock of the great change that...

Arcturians: Becoming Your Higher Self

If you have any doubt whatsoever about your ability to become your higher self, then please recognize that you already have been your higher...

Focus on the Light Within You

  It's amazing to know that we can feel how we want to feel, regardless of circumstances or situations. Unconditionally. Unconditional love used to seem like...

Arcturians: The Evolution of Your Consciousness

It will ultimately be the greatest decision that you will ever make when you begin to look at your life from the broadest perspective...

The Arcturians: Releasing Your 3D & 4D Energetic System

Greetings to our brave and ever-awakening volunteers to Earth, We, the Arcturians would like to speak with you today from one of our Motherships. We...

Awakening Your Original Consciousness

I honour the golden Christ light within your being; the energy of pure active love of the Creator which exists within you and within...

The Great Shift: The Next Stage of Collective Evolution

by Noctua This Article:

Pleiadians of Peace 11.11 StarGate New Planetary Frequency

On the 11 11 of every year is a gateway to connect with Source and the galactic families. The 11 11 Awakening phenomenon is...

Navigating Life in Clarity

Hello Dear Friends, We greet you in love. Immense disruptions in your experience have occurred in the past 24 hours. We know this, and we see...

The New Human – What to Expect From the Children Incarnating Now

Channeled by Taryn Crimi This Article:        

Planetary Ascension – Preparing For First Contact

by Suzanne Lie Planetary Ascension - Preparing For First Contact This Article: http://suzanneliephd.blogsp­

Pleiadian High Council: Right Now You Are Reshaping Yourselves Into Galactic Beings

by: Valerie Donner Right Now You Are Reshaping Yourselves Into Galactic Beings  

The Rise of The Creator Gods

Beloved Friends, It is easier for you to know yourself when you are still more often. Spending a little time in stillness, regularly, can greatly...

The Pleiadian High Council of Seven: Your Soul Family

Channeled by Daniel Scranton Article: Daniel is a Channel and a Reiki Master. He can teach you how to channel messages from the masters and the...

The Elohim, The Reset and the Time of Revelations

Channeled by Carla Thompson This Article:

“The Pleiadian video that triggered my Awakening”

Bringers of the Dawn - Teachings from the Pleiadians Full originally published in 2007 by Barbara Marciniak The book was Published September, 1992. The Pleiadians with Barbara...

The Pleiadian High Council of Seven: A Major Shift in Consciousness

Channeled by Daniel Scranton This Article:

The Realm of Manifestation – New Earth Reality

by Anna Merkaba Article:

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