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December 2016 Energy Report

Every year comes to an end and this is the final month of 2016, a year of clearing and fransformation that has been challenging but...

Astrology Forecast for the 2016 Libra New Moon

2016 Libra New Moon 2016 Libra New Moon – September 30, 2016 – October 1, 2016 5:11 PM PDT / 8:11 PM EDT / 12:11 AM...

True Love and Devotional Union

Bethan Elviea Lumina - Beloved beings! Welcome to my video about True Love and Devotional Union, as we enter this month of February I have...

Astrology Forecast for October 2016

To listen to Astrologer Kathy Biehl discuss the astrology forecast for October 2016, click the player below:   Get Ready for October with Astrology’s Insight Kiss the...

March 2017 Energy Forecast – Relationships & Receiving

Kari Samuels - Marvelous March is here! Good news - this month is much easier than our previous one. Our astrology this month brings lighter more...

The Jupiter Return

Tanaaz - You may have heard of a Saturn Return but another significant return in astrology is your Jupiter Return. A Saturn Return occurs every...

Rare, Amazing Energies Begin Arriving January 2017

Molly McCord - Next week, a HIGHLY unique astrology event begins! ALL planets in our solar system will be going direct for nearly 4 weeks —...

Grand Fire Trine – Building Castles In The Sky

Astro Butterfly - We have a Grand Trine in Fire signs between Saturn, Uranus and the North Node which started forming mid-May and will...

Venus Turns Retrograde March 4, 2017, What Does This Mean for You?

Venus usually slips through our lives like a whisper, and we barely experience her transits.  Her influence is usually soft and encouraging and I...

Intuitive Astrology – Super Full Moon October 2016

by Tanaaz foreverconscious.com

Sarah-Jane Grace: Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 2016

Message for October 2016 October looks set to be a month of inner reflection and outer shift as the pace of life steps up a...

The Nodes are Changing Signs, Get Ready for a Major Shift

Astro Butterfly - May is marked by the Nodes changing sings – The North Node moves into Leo and the South Node in Aquarius....

Blessed Full Moon/Eclipse message for us all!

Creatress Bethan - This is our Cosmic initiation oracle wheel for this Eclipse in Leo. It's based on the current energy waves coming through as we...

Sarah-Jane Grace – Astro-Forecasts November 2016

a message from Sarah-Jane Grace November looks set to be a month of insight and vision as the light of wisdom is turned within to...

Henry Seltzer: A Transformational November of Taking a Stand

The astrology of November features Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Eris. All the outer planets are strongly represented in the New...

Jupiter Retrograde 2017 Unexpected Luck

Jamie Partridge - Overall, Jupiter retrograde 2017 is very promising for achieving growth and happiness in a particular area of life that is important to...

Pivotal 11:11 Portal Opens Now!

by Tania Gabrielle This Article: http://taniagabrielle.com/pivotal-1111-portal-opens-now/#more-12043

Astro-Forecasts December 2016

As we gaze back over the year almost behind us there is, for most of us, a mix of emotions from moments of elation,...

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