We are birthing into the Family of Light. Feel the vibration within you and sing with fractal expressions into the unified field of consciousness. Shine your light so brightly and illuminate what is left of the darkness. Connect yourself with the crystal diamond core of Mother Earth and let the Divine Light of the Infinite Creator flow through you.

Our time has come to flood the Earth with DivineLight and power up the planetary consciousness grid. Dissolving the veils, the formless takes form. As the veils are lifted, we will perceive worlds of unimaginable beauty.

Fill your heart with love, joy and peace and align within your heart’s desires. Set your heart’s desires into motion, dream as you have never before and let yourself fly.

Let the divine recognize the divine. And as the spark ignites within you, so it will ignite in our bliss. In a new world without fear, without war, without greed. With the new Humanity, manifesting peace with love, light, and celebration.

Within Harmony, Divine Love, and Oneness.


by: Romeo Baron


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