Our Solar System has been spiraling upwards out of a negative dark space and is now entering into the new higher dimensional plane(5D) in a Harmonic Universe. In the moments of the Cosmic Event(dimensional shift), meteors/fireballs may come through the skies. Because we will encounter a lot of space debrisd(broken up older planet fragments) within space as our solar system passes the threshold of the upper dimensional space. Our solar system is going through it’s natural planetary cycle of Ascension.

A mother starship will arrive that is approximately 3,000 miles in diameter. There will also be numerous satellite(city size) starship landings. Some people will be going off planet in these starships. And many of the world’s people will be housed in the mother starship while the reformation of the planet takes place.


The  star beings have very important roles in this Planetary Ascension. They will arrive to assist in the final process; such as providing stability through the Earth changes, to help awaken humanity to their true galactic identity. The star beings have every right to be here. Understanding that these star beings have family, hybrid children here developing their lightbodies and who are here for DNA bioregenisis experiments. The people (including me) who are here for the lightbody experiment will be given the opportunity to go off planet to visit their home world and/or go on planetary missions via starship.

The starship landings will probably be the most dramatic occurrence that will take place during the cosmic event. There will be other incident occurrences that will lead to a domino effect of events as well.

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The people must be aware so they can mentally and emotionally prepare for this.

This event will trigger the mass awakening of humanity. The people will wake up to the fact that they are not alone in the Universe and will begin to understand the reason and purpose behind these great ships; our galactic brothers and sisters. It is then that the ancient knowledge suppressed by the religions and governments of Earth in order to control the people, will come to light. Humanity’s true identity will be made known to them and they will have the opportunity to embrace it on a global scale.

Some People for spiritual reasons will not be in alignment with the cosmic event and the new vibrational conditions, they have chosen to pass on. And the others here who are in alignment will come into full realization and remembrance of their multidimensional selves, in the moment this occurs. The people that stay here and ascend with earth, their full physical and psychic gifts will be reclaimed.

They will no longer be sick and tired of the struggle here. They will no longer have to work to survive. There will be world unity, abundance, and wholeness living. It will feel like everything is shifting into the most harmonious reality.

Their multidimensionality and divine heritage will be returned. They will be free.

I was shown the time frame for the coming Earth Changes to take place is between the year 2017 and 2022.

Stay calm and let go of any fear. Focus on infinite love and pure bliss. Stay close together with family and friends and help each other out.

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The Cosmic Event is eminent.

Within Love-Unity,

Romeo Baron

Editor’s Note: Keep in mind that what’s going on as well is Personal Ascension, which is different to Universal and Planetary Ascension. Earth has been undergoing planetary ascension for decades, where the planet’s magnetic fields have gradually adjusted to a higher frequency, which prepares Earth for a dimensional shift.  Not everyone is here for personal ascension or to ascend with Earth. Earth’s ascension is a separate evolutionary process to ours, but we are all invited to accompany Earth.


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