The Divine Human: Activation of the “Seed Crystals” and the Languages of Light

As Divine Humans in our journey of ascension, we learn how to gracefully evolve our consciousness through the higher senses, those that open as we embrace more expanded perceptions. And as we expand our perceptions, the crystalline pathways open, and our cell biology changes. The genetic blueprint gets an upgrade. And eventually, the physical body reconfigures to a new multi-dimensional operating system, complete with expanded circuitry. Our energy field becomes a channel for much greater vibrational frequencies. Our higher vibratory self, overrides the human operating system with upgraded circuitry. Activations in certain structures in the brain allows incoming higher messaging to be received and properly translated. All together bypassing the human egoist faculty. Through this inner brain awakening, we develop as a channel for our higher self to express more purely and more fully. We learn to navigate life through an unfailing voice of divine intuition and the harmonic rhythms of synchronicity. We see with the inner eye and sense energy fields upon instinct.

The Pineal Gland is also known as the third eye. This inner eye of vision is shaped like a tiny pine cone. It resides at the center of our brains. And its purpose as a light receptor, is to translate incoming frequencies of light. When the pineal gland is activated, it begins to naturally produce more DMT. More organically produced DMT allows us to tap into some extra special senses. An open third eye brings clear vision, pristine hearing, intuition and bliss. With a highly functioning pineal gland our mental functioning will be greatly improved. Activating the pineal gland is essential for those desiring to develop multidimensional perception. This would include abilities such as channeling the higher self, seeing energy fields, receiving and transmitting telepathic thoughts, and other high level related visual skills.


Through Divine Intuition we are expanding brain capacity that perceives and channels with the all-knowing, higher self. Intuition is a vibrational impression that is made within our consciousness. This divine intuition exist behind the physical energy, and behind thought energy. To access this background vibration, the human mind must be calm and in tune with the divine presence. When the divine intuition is active, there is no doubt. The intuitive mind is swift and precise. When activated, we progress rapidly in our comprehension the organic living light and the underlying unity inherent in all things.

When we develop stronger vibrational attunement with our higher self, the Seed Crystals activate, which receives and stores languages of light downloads, and enter in the form of sound codes. Two of the crystals are located over our eyebrows, directly over the pupils when looking straight ahead and a third seed crystal sits just below the hairline in line with the nose. A recorder cell activates and periodically we receive downloads of experiences on other planets, all information the soul has gathered over many incarnation cycles on many planets and stars. The recorder crystal generally sits on the right side of the head, just above the top of the ear. When new information is being downloaded, a high pitch tone enters through the third eye portal and encodes the languages of light within the seed crystals. This high pitch tone comes in at random, and can change in volume and pitch. When the time is right and we are ready to use the stored languages of light, the recorder crystal receptors act like a universal translator and converts the languages of light codes into thought form meaning that we can best understand and use at the human level. You will know when the codes have opened and been translated, when all of a sudden you will know with absolute certainty, without logical explanation as to where the information came from. You Just Know. The translated light languages also reveal themselves in the form of geometric images, vision or intuition. The more that you can develop and interact with this expanded perception, the more that you can receive from the Infinite Consciousness.


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