September-October 2016, are the final last two months of opening the Ascension Portals that will allow the ORIGINAL CHRIST LIGHT CONSCIOUSNESS of the 12 Star gates to REMOVE anything that is not in harmonic alignment with the original divine plan for Mother Earth. EVERYTHING that has existed within the Original Cosmic Creation where Earth was born will be moved into the New Earth Timeline where the Consciousness is as pure, as perfect as it was before the negative intruders invaded. This is how the Kingdom of Heaven will return to Earth.

By the end of 2016 after two high dimensional frequency waves of the Cosmic Christ Light consciousness pours into the Christic Grids of Mother Earth, the collective consciousness will be changed so much, that the controllers will just Loose their control. This is the time that we are to be set free from our amnesia. There will be a Huge activation of Cosmic Memory for many thousands of human beings. Not everyone is here for personal and planetary ascension. Not everyone will activate their cosmic memory, but many will. This is the time of remembering who we really are. The memory recall of our true identity will happen in November 2016.


~Romeo Baron


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