Telepathy is the transference of sending or receiving thoughts from one living being to another. Besides using telepathy for person to person communication, you are can communicate with a pet and or plant. We have all communicated telepathically with our friends, family, co-workers and even animals and may not have been aware of doing so. Learning how to develop your telepathic abilities takes practice but is quite easy but does require patience and an open mind.

What Are The Benefits?

  • You are able to communicate with the plant kingdom, animal kingdom or even other dimensional beings such as crossed over loved ones, spirit guides, the higher self or even the angelic realm.
  • One might say, telepathy is more of an accurate way of communication than the spoken word. Ever feel like someone is saying one thing yet they are sending you different telepathic messages?
  • Sometimes words do not do justice to the message you are trying to convey.
Which Are You – A Better Sender or Receiver?
Some of us are stronger receivers of information and for some of us our strength is receiving messages from others more clearly.
You Are A Natural Receiver If…
  • You pick up milk for example or some item that someone at home may need but isn’t able to call you to ask you to pick up the item?
  • You contact a personal friend or family member just as they were thinking about you.
  • Solutions to your dilemmas naturally pop into your head without any effort.
  • People often tell you that you took the words right out of their mouth?
You Are A Natural Sender If..
  • You are thinking about how nice it would be if someone brought you a cup of coffee and lo and behold someone stops by with a cup of Joe.
  • People are easily influenced by you and your mood.
  • Your pets follow commands without you speaking a single word.
7 Ways To Develop Your Telepathic Abilities
    1. Practice With a Partner – Practicing sending and receiving with a partner is one of the best ways to develop your telepathic abilities. Decide who is the sender, when you will send and then swap sending and receiving positions.
    1. Start Slow and Easy – Begin sending simple messages such as one color a day or one shape a day at an agreed upon time. The next week you may want to send a colored shape. The week after try sending a person such as a policeman etc.
    1. Believe In Yourself – Believe that you can develop your own telepathic gifts and that you are very good at it. When we doubt ourselves, we are blocking the entire process. Using a positive affirmation such as: “Telepathy is easy for me to develop and I do so with confidence and ease” will boost your confidence.
    1. Relaxation – When your mind is relaxed and at ease the messages, images and impressions will flow from and to you much more clearly and effortlessly. I like to sage myself beforehand and may hold a crystal or two to help me open up my intuition and ground me at the same time while I practice with my partner.
    1. Power Up The Thought and Let It Go – When you are practicing sending a thought form, power it up with light and energy, send it and then let it go without thinking about the thought anymore. By not holding on to the thought you are making a clean break and it is easier for the receiver to receive the thought clearly and cleanly without any confusion about the thoughtform you sent.
    1. Visualization – Listening to guided meditations will help you develop your visualization skills. In order to be an efficient sender you must be able to see the object and or color to send the image. Guided meditations will help you sharpen your clairvoyant skills.
  1. Trust – Don’t Second Guess – When you are in receiver mode, go with the first impression you receive, and don’t overanalyze it. Take your mind/ego out of the equation and trust that what you are receiving is accurate information.
Code of Ethics and Telepathy
Once you get the hang of using your gift of telepathy, it may be tempting to try to influence others for your benefit. I am going to strongly encourage all who are thinking of toying with trying to manipulate another person’s free will for their personal gain to think twice! Sometimes we witness loved ones making unhealthy choices for themselves and want to send them proactive thoughts to help them through difficult times. Instead of trying to directly influence them, send them thoughts of love, peace, joy and harmony. You may even want to send them an image of them smiling and happy. These suggestions are not influencing another’s free will which by the way, is a big karmic NO NO. We never ever want to influence another for our own personal benefit. Would you be okay with someone trying to control your thoughts? I am sure the answer is a big No Thank You!
My last suggestion would be to keep a Telepathy Journal to document your results with different partners, time of day, your mood etc. A Telepathy Journal will help you keep track of your progress which is important so that you can celebrate the progress you have made.
Blessings and Light,
by: Laurie Barraco

About the author

Laurie Barraco is a professional intuitive counselor, medium, author, recording artist, teacher and the owner ofThe Mystical Moon, a healing center in Fort Myers, Florida. Laurie offers readings, courses and healing products through The Mystical Moon Online Store. You can connect with her at The Mystical Moon Facebook Page.


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