Do You Believe in You?

Take note of the many things we do, say, and think that stop us from being powerful and all that we can be. Often, we think and talk ourselves into failing without even trying. This is a common form of disempowering, negative thinking. For example, how many times have you gone for an interview, saying to yourself, “I haven’t got a hope in hell of getting this job!” –Or believing you’ll fail a test before you’ve even taken it! Now, don’t go beating yourself up, we’ve all done it at some point in our lives.

You already know about the law of attraction that I’ve written about often in previous articles; namely, “Life follows thought.” I want you to stop for a moment and just ask yourself this question next time a major decision is in front of you: Are you creating an adverse outcome as a result of your fears and past conditioning? Ultimately, it is down to how much you truly believe in yourself and your self-worth. It is important to see yourself as a winner.


A Lesson About Following Your Passion

Here’s a quick, inspiring story. Leela was a student of mine in Los Angeles some years ago, and during one of my workshops, she told her fellow classmates how her fear of failure was crippling her life. She’d volunteered her time over the past four years at a local cable station, not only to educate herself, but with the hope of becoming a TV director. She loved being on the set, working with the camera crews and production staff, helping to build and break down the sets, and learning all she could about directing.

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When Leela talked about her job at the station, you could hear the passion in her words and her soul would just light up. She devoted much of her free time to the cable station but had no regrets. She was happy doing what she loved and being around creative people. Toward the end of her fourth year, she felt she was ready to take on a job as an assistant producer. There was a position advertised at a local television studio. She applied for the job and submitted her showreel featuring some of the projects that she’d worked on.

Take Note of the Negative Chatter

A few days later, she received a call saying how impressed they were with her work and invited her for an interview. They offered her the job! Elated, Leela prepared to start work the very next week. Her elation was short-lived, as her mind and ego started the negative mind chatter in an attempt to talk her out of it. She wasn’t listening to reason or her intuition, but her destructive ego was getting the better of her.

It was like her mind was running wild, chattering and jumping from thought to thought, spiraling out of control and leaving her feeling dazed and confused. She started to convince herself that she would never be able to do the job or live up to their expectations. It was as though she was living in a state of ‘fear of failing.’ She’d never given herself the chance to explore and excel in her creative potential.

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Make Note to Believe Positively

Unfortunately, people who settle for less usually get it. Sadly, in this case, Leela’s negative conditioning got the better of her. She took a job that was safe, but one that didn’t feed her passion! I heard from her recently, saying that she’s slowly making her way back to her more creative soul-self by working on her past negative programming and identifying where the conditioning occurred in her life.

She’d been re-programming her mind with positive thoughts and visualizations, and told me that she was about to apply for another television job. I did everything in my power to give her some positive affirmations and some tools. She admitted that, from time to time, the negative thoughts still surface. But now she has developed the skills to prevent them from holding her hostage.


John’s Lesson

Here are seven steps to help you break free of the “I’m Going to Fail” syndrome:

Work on letting go of your past beliefs, fears, and hang-ups. Start having active conversations with yourself.

Start believing why you can, as opposed to why you can’t.

Stay focused on your goals and aspirations, and live a life of positive belief.

Write all your experiences in your journal. Get them out of your head!

Think of yourself as a winner, rather than a loser. Once you believe in yourself, you’ll be surprised at how others start believing in you more. Remember this statement; “We train others how to treat us by the way we treat ourselves.”

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Believe in success. When you start believing that you can succeed, it’s surprising how your mind starts to figure out solutions for success. You won’t even contemplate failure.

Visualize and feel yourself in a favorable outcome and living a life that you know you’ll love.

All you can do really is give every opportunity your best shot!

Live a Soul-filled life!


by John Holland

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