Our Planetary Mind has been trapped in a negative dark space in the Cosmos for a very long time. And the current planetary ‘Ascension’ is literally the ticket ride out of that negative dark space. For many thousands of years, our Solar System has been spiraling upwards approaching the exit of this space of darkness and through a higher dimensional gateway portal. And now entering into the new higher dimensional plane(5D). We are arriving to a more spiritual region, where more highly evolved beings live. We are in the final stages in regards to the complete planetary dimensional shift into the new Earth reality.

We stand at the Threshold of the New Harmonic Universe. And as a result of this, a great wave of new Interstellar Cosmic Light energies is penetrating the density of Earth. Even though the people are not all on the same level of soul-growth evolution, everyone throughout the planet is facing the great wave of the cosmic light, that is purging, purifying, and liberating the hearts and minds of all beings. As this takes place, the dark forces will be consumed and destroyed. And this will mark the end of the mind control, manipulation, slavery, and the prison on this planet and our galaxy.

The 3D planet’s outer magnetic field is shifting into the new dimensional frequency band, simultaneously raising the ethereal frequency of Earth. The magnetic field is the mechanism that allows us to have a conscious experience, what we see around us and how we think. We need this outer magnetic field to create and store human memory patterns. The magnetic field is also known as the “Planetary Consciousness Grid”, “Earth’s Auric Field.” Understanding that our consciousness is connected to the outer magnetic field. This change in the magnetic field is going to trigger a radical shift in the collective consciousness.

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The recent Autumn Equinox has created an entry vortex gateway portal that will catapult the Earth through the higher dimensional bands, shifting the planet across into the 5th dimension. Earth will merge with its 5th dimensional parallel body by the Winter Solstice of 2017. This is what we know as the Planetary Ascension. Between the years 2017 and 2022, the world will completely morph into what many of you know as Agartha. This transformation will be a step up in our evolution and will greatly affect the entire Cosmos.

The beings who shift with Earth, will begin to manifest the high principles of divine wholeness living; the full embodiment of the original Christ light consciousness. The ascended Ones will once again be connected to the cosmic mind; the blueprint core of creation and will remember their previous incarnations. Our blueprint information is something that belongs to the human race and will return to the human race and nothing can stop it. This big wave of high dimensional energies is going to reform our cellular alphabet. What this means is that it will plug in our DNA and the core Source Energy that was originally in the center of our planet as well. Our planet of course is a breathing, living, conscious entity.

The people who resist and refuse to be immersed and flooded with the great wave of the high vibrational interstellar energies, will ethereally spin off the planet by going through the normal physical death process and will reincarnate in another world that matches their level of consciousness. They will be left behind in evolution to develop themselves and prepare for the next new ascension cycle. Only those who possess Love in their hearts will remain. The only thing left to do right now is to surrender to these high dimensional energies, live with an open heart, demonstrate love and compassion, and you will find yourself in harmonic alignment with the planetary ascension process. Trust with love and know that we are protected and supported in the Divine essence. Our job is to make sure that we connect, find ways to connect the spirit, which brings us into our core, and brings us into wholeness.

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This powerful wave of cosmic light energy is going to sweep the entire planet and will purify everything! All will be redeemed and reformed in miraculous ways. Chaos will become peace, and sorrow will become joy. As the veils are lifted, we will perceive our New Earth with unimaginable beauty. Self transforming astral lights will shine down upon us, multidimensional reality and our connection to all things will be as clear as sunlight.

When we move into new Earth. We will still have animals, forest, rivers and lakes, grass and birds. However, the Sun will be more bright, yet it will not feel so hot. Everything around us will have more colors and things will look sharper, fresh, and brighter. The climate in the entire planet will be moderate and heavy weather conditions will no longer exist. The air and water will once again become pure. All parasites will be gone. All living things that reside on the planet will be respected. We will have universal rights and there will not be strict laws or regulations on living. New Earth will operate as one large united world, meaning you can live anywhere on the planet, without any restrictions. Everyone will follow the universal principles of Unconditional Love, Unity, and our faith in the Creator. The Creator is the Life Force Energy that exists everywhere and within everything in the universe. All of us are connected to the Creator and this is the reason we will live by the simple law of Love and Unity.

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May the old reality be swept away by the revelation of what we are, a New Humanity of Love, with multi-dimensional awareness, released, transformed, conscious, whole, and free.

Within Love-Unity,

Romeo Baron

Romeo is an advocate for healthy lifestyles. He is the the brainchild of Ascension Energies Media and creator of NutriUnify Solutions, a natural health Organization. Romeo’s life path is to uplift humanity, one soul at a time, through the power of Divine Love!


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