Facing the Dark Side of the Soul


I’m here to write about a startling truth I discovered while channeling my higher self. I learned that we’re in a spiritual battle with an evil collective consciousness of lower vibrational beings. They can get to us through our sleep when we’re most vulnerable. They attach themselves to you and feed you toxic thoughts and intentions. They are not your own and go against your own nature of love and light. Ultimately this negative consciousness becomes apart of you over time and is known as The Dark Side Of The Soul. Its sole purpose is to leech your life force, snuff out your light, and keep you from fulfilling your mission in your incarnation on Earth. Thus preventing soul evolution.

This negative consciousness starts targeting us early on in life. When we’re just infants and toddlers. They prey upon pure and innocent souls of children through their sleep, because children are the most vulnerable and easily manipulated. By creating fear through dreams, these beings can slowly start lowering a child’s vibrational frequency. That allows the negative being(s) to eventually attach itself to the child’s energy and start feeding off their life force. This process can take years.

These lower vibrational beings want us to stay at a low vibration so we can’t wake up. Because if we wake up, they start losing their power over us. Once we realize how powerful we really are, they can’t touch us!

Through facing and acknowledging my dark side of the soul, I came to find out that I’m a Light Guardian. Basically, while I sleep, my ethereal body projects into the astral realm and protects innocent souls from negative entities. By raising my vibrational frequency, I can sense a child’s soul being preyed upon, and I’m able cast off the negative being(s).

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I received all of this information through channeling my higher self and allowing my spirit to speak through my physical body. And with that, the memories came flooding back to me. I literally had a past memory regression that went all the way back to when I was fifteen years old. A sinister presence occupied my bedroom, invaded my dreams, triggered sleep paralysis(Sleep paralysis is a phenomenon in which an individual, either during falling asleep or awakening, temporarily experiences an inability to move, speak, or react. It is a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep, characterized by an inability to move muscles). During a sleeping paralysis episode, I had a vision of a dark portal on my closet. This specific memory was shown to me by my higher self as the point in time when a negative entity attached itself to me. From then on it manipulated my thoughts throughout my life. I went through depressions, self pity, ruined relationships, fear based thinking, binge drinking, panic attacks, and much more.

Ways to tell if a negative being has attached itself to you is to pay attention to your thoughts. You will notice that the negative thoughts don’t feel like your own. Notice if you are being chased in your dreams, or just having nightmares in general.

•Self medicating.

•Sudden changes in behavior or mood swings.

• Irrational fear, sadness, anger, or guilt.



Some ways to protect yourself from negative consciousness, is to start thinking positive. Raise your vibrations! If a negative thought enters your mind, don’t react to it. Just observe it without judgment and let it go. And then replace it with a positive thought, such as gratitude, a good memory, a loved one, or even think of a positive affirmation. Think every thought with love, do what makes you happy, invest your energy in your passions. Taking care of your physical body is also important. Stop drinking! It weakens your aura. Use crystals to repel negative energy from your aura, such as smoky quartz, hematite, jet, black onyx, black obsidian, and apache tear, just to name a few. Eat clean, and adopt a plant based diet of mostly living foods full of life force. Exercise, do yoga, sing, dance, whatever gives you bliss. And meditate! Calming the mind and living in the moment can bring balance and inner peace.

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If a negative being is already attached to you, work on raising your vibration. Over time, it will slowly lose its hold on your energy. Or since the Earth’s energies are changing at the moment, many people will be going through a purging of negative energies and blockages (see info on www.ascensionenergies.com). With that, the negative consciousness will depart as well. And most importantly, you have to face and acknowledge the dark side of the soul! Realize that it’s not you anymore and let it go. Make peace with it and replace that aspect of yourself with love and joy!


by: Scarlett Lilly


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