Beloved Family,

I have said this a few times and I shall repeat it again….
You are maybe still feeling quite `raw` and `vulnerable` ( could be an understatement) as you are in the midst of massive clearing and processing of the incoming frequencies.
Take note of who you are exchanging your energies with here and on social media or out and about.

The light exposes the dark and this is an experience with many distorted and fractured 3D souls searching out an energy source (you) to feed from. Because of these distortions on their soul level these individuals will search out a power source also (you) to engage and to pull at your energetic bodies.

This can be done by very low frequency bandwidths translated into traits of manipulation tactics, sexual incites, intimidation, lies, the use of `spiritual/ metaphysical terms that twist the truth to try to confuse your self worth etc, etc. They are trying to force their own ego/ fear projections onto to you. You are not here to soak up any more of this illusion based anger, we’ve been doing that for eons, already…

Now you are becoming very finely tuned you will sense it immediately as your personal GPS inner system will alert you to this as a computer warns you to possible virus`s. Make sure your `firewall` of protection is in place especially as you are not feeling too well thru your purifying and upgrade process. You will sense it as a knot in your solar plexus or an overall inner tingling high vibrational movement/or shaking of your body or feeling anxious or jittery for example….Listen to it and act on what it is communication with you. Energy does NOT lie…it does not matter what `front` the person uses..

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Also be `aware` of any messages you read, resonate only with the ones you feel on a heart level and uplift you and discard the rest. Be it on my page or any others you venture into.
We all have different filters and you will resound or not..
I ONLY have your highest interests at heart..

Giving away your personal power when you are already on your knees in exhaustion is a no no, It will further drain your bodies and will add to further discomfort and we’ve all had quite enough of that to date…

Compassion to self is vital. Compassion for the other follows suit.
If you ever feel threatened or anyone makes you feel less than the beautiful light being you are …close the connection, cut the physic cord, send light and blessings, and continue your journey, unhindered by anyone who wants to dull your magnificent light.

We all have enough to deal with at this NOW. Remember you cannot be pitiful and powerful at the same time. YOU beloveds are INFINITE CONSCIOUSNESS returning to its perfection, that loves is the only point of reference we need to be focusing on, not the distortions of the 3D world…We left it and we may need to make brief visits but our full time sojourn there is over…

My deep blessings and my love to all. Namaste.



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