Q: What awaits us after Ascension?

A:  SaLuSa: Dramatic changes will follow Ascension, many of which you should have already experienced. However all will happen in good time, but in quick time, to give you the advancements that should have already commenced, but for the stalling tactics of the dark Ones.

The Dark Ages with all of their limitations will be replaced by one that sees you uplifted in so many ways, and brings the people of your civilization together in mutual love and respect for each other. All past differences will be set aside, to bring you close together in loving co-operation and unity.

That will no longer be difficult to achieve, as the false barriers placed between you will fall away as trust replaces the fears created to keep you apart. (1)

Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: The long awaited Golden Age will truly have commenced and life will become a great source of enjoyment and satisfaction. (2)

SaLuSa: Ahead of you there are numerous opportunities to seek as you desire, and explore the magnificence of life forms in abundance. (3)

SaLuSa: Since all your needs will be supplied, you will enjoy a level of happiness and satisfaction seldom felt at present.

After Ascension your life style will change to one that no longer causes worries or stress. You will have all of your needs supplied, including suitable accommodation and medical care. (4)

Q: Will we be disappointed?

A: Saul: What is to be delivered is far beyond any of your expectations. There will be no disappointments as a New Age is delivered, bringing with it enormous improvements in the living standards of those who presently live in dire poverty, enabling them to live in the comfort and safety that is the unalienable right of every human being.

The constant struggle to pay for food and shelter, and the resultant but unreal sense of security that provides and with which most of you have to contend, will be a thing of the past. (5)

Q: What will Ascension itself open up for us?

A: St. Germaine: When you rise up the doors of Truth will open up for you, and not only will you fully learn of your sojourn in this cycle, but also your destiny in the stars where your true home lies. You are the travelers of Space, and the harbingers of Truth who will lead others to it. You are the Masters who have let down their vibrations so as to grow in experience, and administer your wisdom to others who are lesser evolved. (6)

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Q: Has there been a pattern to lightworkers’ incarnations?

A: SaLuSa: Most of you have led many, many lives at all different levels as part of your experiences in the lower vibrations. You have also experienced many different roles according to which ones offered you the best opportunities to evolve. Be assured you will have had grand lives of having all that you needed, but also experienced “lack” so that you kept a balance where your needs are concerned.

Eventually your experiences will be finely balanced and you will not seek riches beyond your needs, but simply sufficient to meet your circumstances. In the higher dimensions the same challenges do not exist, as you will eventually have the power of thought to manifest exactly according to your needs, and more when necessary. The higher dimensions are your true home and a multitude of different experiences await you, according to your desires. (7)

Q: Will we remember all the hardships we’ve been through?

A: Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: You will agree that all of the troubles and heartache you may have experienced will seem so distant that they no longer have a place in your life. (8)

Q: What will the impact of our experience in the lower dimensions be?

A:  SaLuSa: The experience you will all have gained will greatly benefit you in your future work, and, where you can share it, it will save such souls from having to go through it themselves. You will find that “sharing” is a feature of all advanced Races and goes hand in hand with assistance given on your evolutionary path. (9)

Q: What will happen to our lifespan and appearance after Ascension?

A: Mike Quinsey’s Higher Self: Your life span will … increase with the upliftment in vibrations and a point reached where you will reverse the aging process.

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You will live your lives as a young mature person and remain as such until you decide that you need another challenge to further your evolution. (10)

Q: How will events proceed once they begin?

A: SaLuSa: Some difficulties may arise until your society has been fully integrated into the new way of life. Having been brought up in the Space Age you will of course adapt to it very quickly. New technologies will overcome most of your problems in quick time, and we are urging our Earth allies to push forward with the promotion of free energy devices.  (11)

Q: What will be the shape of the new world?

A: Our Universal Family: There’s so much still for you to see, learn and experience, and we excitedly await the understanding of our presence around your planet to be bred amongst your populace as you greet a planetary society run by and for you.

We watch with joy as more conscious souls begin expressing themselves and their perspectives in regards to building a new paradigm, and we note with Love that many of you are feeling more led than ever to use your voices and do everything you can to be a part of real and lasting change. (12)

An era of galactic interaction with other life forms will become an acceptable concept that will see ventures in the expansion of understanding in all areas of exchange. Information will continue to pour into the Earth’s atmosphere with the intent of assisting humanity to continue their ascent into greater light and knowledge and how they may assist in facilitating this process. Greater cooperation between all peoples will help to move humanity and the Earth forward in ever higher spirals of knowledge on all levels of life upon the planet. More and more people will understand the concept that love is the answer in every situation that comes to the forefront. Applying this force of love in a constructive manner will see much improvement in all areas of life upon the Earth. It is a grand time to walk upon the Earth! (13)

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A great sense of liberation and freedom will result, and prosperity will flow like water to every nation, every family and every person. Humanity will find the importance of establishing widespread unity, and the harmony you’ll breed and spread will see you easily and happily working together to bring your planet into the Light in every way.

The re-engineering of your cities will perhaps be the biggest feat for you to perform, but you’ll be assisted by your personal and collective drive to enact widespread and positive change on your world. You’ll also be assisted with technologies given by us and others, and the widespread disclosures you’ll be given regarding such technologies will see you able to understand and utilize them. (14)

Q: Will many souls fully understand what you’ve been saying?

A: SaLuSa: At present much of what we have informed you of is way above most souls’ understanding, but you need to carry the seeds of knowledge ready for when you experience evolutionary expansion. Many of you are already beginning to grasp the Truth and this has opened your eyes to your true potential. (15)


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