Have you ever driven past a cyclist on the road and thought, “Man, that does not look safe.” Or maybe you’re the cyclist who uses the roads with a bit of anxiety always in the back of your head, fearing that someone will, knowingly or unknowingly, hit you with their car and end your life.

An increase in the number of cyclists over the years has led to the creation of various bike lanes throughout many cities and towns all over the world. Some cities are more bike friendly than others, with well-designed lanes that give plenty of space for both drivers and cyclists.

And then there’s the country of Poland, which just unveiled its creative tweak to the bike lane: a substance that makes the path glow a vibrant blue at night.

Using a synthetic material called ‘phosphor,’ this light-up bike path near Lidzbark Warminski is completely powered by solar energy and can glow for up to 10 hours.

Director of the Board of Regional Roads in Olsztyn, Waldemar Królikowski, says that their new illuminated bike path is being developed to improve safety for people biking in the dark.

The glowing particles that light the path, which are being called ‘luminophores,’ have the ability to emit a range of different colors, but Polish designers chose blue to match the setting of the city. Additionally, the designers researched how sustainable the bike lane’s materials are, as well as how to create the path cost effectively, due to it being more expensive than a traditional bike lane.

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The bright blue bike lane is said to have been inspired by Studio Roosegaarde’s Starry Night bike lane, which utilized solar-powered LEDs and a type of “light-collecting paint.”

Poland’s new bike lane is still in development, however, as it is currently unknown just how long the synthetic material used to make the path glow will last before it starts to decay.

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