Earth Angels are those people in the world today whose goal is to spread light. As such, they are often referred to as ‘lightworkers,’ or people who seek to promote positivity in every realm of life. They do not tolerate hate, violence, oppression or intolerance, seeking only to unify the people of the world in harmony.

Earth Angels and lightworkers typically have old souls. Or, they feel as if their old souls have been sent back to Earth in order to rejuvenate it. These are the most selfless people you will ever come across, and you could be one!

Here are five signs you might be an Earth Angel:

You have naturally heightened senses

Earth angels often possess extremely sensitive senses that allow them to feel the problems of the world. Sometimes this feeling is overwhelming and leaves the angel feeling small and helpless. They have a tendency to grow tired of the happenings on Earth and seek out change.

Their sensitive nature sees them seeking out places of solitude and serenity, avoiding the extreme stimulation of the world outside.

You need your alone time

Because of the lightworker’s sensitivities, they often need more time by themselves to recharge energy levels. They like to use the time they have to themselves to heal and reflect, as well as prepare for future experiences.

They are incredibly reflective in nature and enjoy looking inward to mend their broken parts. They understand that they need to be at their best in order to begin to change the world.

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You have a deep need to care for others

Empathy is a signature characteristic of the Earth angel. If you’re the type who always wants to help people with their problems and griefs, you could be an Earth angel. They know suffering well, so they try their hardest to protect their fellow man from it. They enjoy being a safe haven for troubled souls.

Your intuition is sharp

Lightworkers have very strong intuitive skills as they’ve always relied on their instincts to make decisions. Logic and rationale have their place, but lightworkers know the importance of listening to one’s heart.

They trust that the universe will bring them the positivity they seek, as long as they open up to it. It’s simply a matter of connecting on a deeper level.

You feel you have a purpose

Earth angels and lightworkers are healers, and they see themselves as such. If you’re one who has chosen a career path that lets you help others, such as a social worker, counselor, or massage therapist (among many), you’ve done so because it is your passion.

Another trait of the Earth angel is their need to break from the mold. They dislike following others, preferring instead to blaze their own trail, regardless of whether or not it is accepted. “Normal” is the last thing a lightworker wants to be.



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