Welcome, sweet ones, it gives us great pleasure to be with you in this month of November as you deepen into the knowing of your magnificence and Light, as these sacred transfiguring flames of Divine Love and Wayshowers in this Golden Age of Light. And in this magical month of November, sweet ones, you activate and integrate a deeper level of the beautiful Christed Heart’s Petal of Passion, deeper into the Heart’s Dreaming and Joy, amplified through the 11:11 Gateway and the 11:22 Gateway of Light.
As you are aware sweet ones, you are experiencing increased levels of cosmic conscious awareness activating through and within the body and energy field in the creation of your multi-dimensional Light Bodies through the merging and integration of your Beloved I AM Presence and the knowing of yourselves in service in Love. Additionally this increased Light frequency activates more deeply through the original Divine eight-cell blueprint holding the memories of your highest potential that have accumulated through many lifetimes of experience and self-mastery. As the energy of your Beloved I AM Presence activates more deeply through your body and energy field in integration and alignment to the Divine, the interpretation of the old matrix dissolves into a deeper sense of unity and collective Christ Consciousness, This brings with it too a deeper sense of your soul’s true destiny, releasing old false beliefs and judgments, patterns of self-sabotage, and patterns of mis-creations along the karmic timelines that have been experienced both individually and collectively for eons of time. And in this alignment of Light sweet ones, there is a deeper sense of synchronicity and purpose, a deeper sense of inspiration and how you can birth your creations of Light in full abundance, in joy, in delight and passion upon this sacred Earth.

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We understand, sweet ones, as star seeds and way showers that you have often experienced a perceived sense of alienation and of course we chuckle at this for you are indeed all aliens. This perceived sense of alienation is a gift too, sweet ones, for through this perceived sense of difference, which brings with it the resonance of home, you have deepened into alignment with the Divine and into a deeper sense of your purpose and place upon this sacred Earth. In the culmination of your Heart’s Joy and Dreaming it is also looking at your choices, looking at grounding and rooting and centering yourselves, as well as experiencing a deeper recalibration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine frequencies.

There is a time when many of you have questioned “What is my purpose? What am I here to do? Why is it that I am still struggling on different levels of my beingness?” whether this is energetic ascension symptoms, and oscillating emotions or low energy or disillusionment, or the need to rebalance the emotional or mental bodies ~ all of this sweet ones now activates into an inner and outer balance through the 11:11 Gateway, and into a deeper level of balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine Spirits. Additionally sweet ones, the energy of the 11:11 Gateway allows you to truly ground the magnificent gifts that each of you bring individually to the collective in your uniqueness, immeasurable and incomparable to others.

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