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David Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’m here with Corey Goode. Corey, welcome back to the show.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: So when we were last talking, we had you going through some very interesting experiences where you were taken to Venus.

You met with this being called the Sentinel.

You were given an opportunity to know who you were, who you are, and who you will be, which you turned down. And we did have some negative comments come up about that in which people think that you’re trying to paint yourself as a savior figure, that who you will be is a tease for the ‘messiah’ or something like that.

Corey: No.

David: So could you please clarify that, because that has created some confusion?

Corey: Sure. They have this information for every individual. It’s not saying that I or Gonzales are lifted above everyone else.

David: Right.

Corey: Everyone else is going to be given this opportunity at some point to know who they were, who they are, and who they will be. Since they don’t see time in the linear way that we do, and Tear Eir has stated that when we do reincarnate, it’s not always in a linear way.

3 Corey

Sometimes we reincarnate backwards for experiences. So this was basically an offer of a life review, not an offer of revealing to me that I’m some sort of a messiah.

David: Some of the attacks have said that your humility is false and that you’re actually just trying to act as though you were humble while, at the same time, trying to build yourself up as some sort of planetary savior figure.

So I understand that what’s happening to you is very authentic. What is the reason for why you don’t want to know this information about yourself exactly?

Corey: Because it was communicated to me that it would change the nature of all of my relationships in a very serious way. So learning this information may change me to a point to where I’m not going to be the same person with my family or friends. And a lot of people don’t understand that. They’re all about, “I want to know the information.” You know, “I don’t care what the consequences are.” But I am very much a family man, and my kids and wife are very important to me.

David: So can you just say for the camera right now that you do not see yourself as a savior figure and that you’re not going to try to change that in the future?

Corey: The whole message is for people to stop looking for savior figures, to start looking inside and become your own savior. That’s what the message is, and that’s what I’m living by.

David: So now that we’ve established this, after you had the experiences in the last update, including these interesting contacts, you’ve had the Blue Avians telling you that solar energy is ramping up, that we’re going to start to see ghosts appearing, and that that’s when we know that things are close is people are going to see ghosts.

What’s the next thing that happens to you that we haven’t covered?

Corey: Almost immediately after I left here after taping the last updates, I was flying home, and then I was going to go to Sedona to do the SSP Conference. Well, that night I was home, I was picked up and deposited on one of these Blue Spheres, and, again, off in the distance, I see Tear Eir standing.

And as usual, I look up, because I want to see whatever changes I can see in that cosmic scene that I’ve described to where I can see the Sun, the Earth, sometimes the Moon, depending on its position, and all of these Blue Spheres spread equidistantly out throughout our solar system.

And I had been seeing this electrical corona around the outside of the Sun that was going out a little ways, and then seeing electricity hitting these spheres. It looked like electricity being exchanged between the spheres.

David: You’ve kind of described that before, I guess, but was this more dramatic or more significant-looking?

Corey: Yes. On this occasion, for a few reasons. When I looked up, the Blue Spheres, the ones closest to me that I could see the best, were even more translucent than last time, as if they’re fading out of existence.

David: And they had told you, right, that they were eventually going to fade out completely once we go through this.

Corey: Exactly. Exactly.

David: Okay. So what was different about these energetic phenomena this time?

Corey: On the outside of the Blue Spheres, it was rippling. There was rippling going on like a water effect when you throw a bunch of rocks into a pond, and you see just crazy rippling going on. That was going on, but it wasn’t in synchronicity between the spheres.

Some were getting hit more, some less, and it looked like there was some sort of solar wind or kind of like sound waves when they hit the water.

They were just pulsing like, bz-bzz, bz-bzz like something’s hitting them.

David: But this is after, as you said in previous updates, that the Draco mind control grid has already had to be turned up to maximum in order to try to keep our consciousness suppressed.

Corey: Correct.

David: So this is suggesting even more dramatic energetic changes that the mind control grid’s not going to be able to stop.

Corey: Right. Yeah.

David: Okay.

Corey: These Blue Spheres, the way they’re reacting now to this energy output, there’s definitely an increase.

David: And you never saw them burble like water before?

Corey: I’d seen the ripples before, slight, but not this dramatic.

David: Okay.

Corey: Another thing that I noticed was there were large metallic spheres that were moving from the outer solar system slowly in, and . . .

5 Metallic Spheres

David: Metallic spheres?

Corey: Metallic, large, metallic spheres.

David: Large as in how large?

Corey: I had no . . . They were not next to something to where I could get a base of reference, but they looked huge like maybe a third the size of the moon. But I’m speculating, because it wasn’t next to something that I could use to compare it.

David: What could that possibly be?

Corey: Well, once when I looked at that, I turned around and looked down . . . to look back down at Tear Eir. And I caught him right as he was gliding in to come closer to me.


And I asked him, I said, “What are those metal spheres?”

And he said that there are other members of the Confederation that are here for a certain task, and they’re preparing.

David: And Tear Eir didn’t give you any information as to what they were going to do?

Corey: No. It’s almost like he changed the subject or had better things to talk about.

David: Is it possible that these could be some form of arcs so that when we go through this change that certain people on Earth are going to be relocated ethically to other planets that’ll be more appropriate for them if they can’t handle the Earth’s rise in vibration?

Corey: That wasn’t communicated to me, but that’s very possible. That’s very possible, because they . . .

David: It does say that in The Law of One that there’s a three-way split. You have negative people going on a negative timeline, positive people going on a positive timeline, and people who are not ready for the Earth’s new vibration get relocated to other third-density planets.

Corey: Hm.

David: So that could be what this is.

Corey: Could be.

David: So what happens next?

6 Tear Eir

Corey: He moves in. He greets me in his normal greeting and states that we need to cover this topic of the 300,000. He stated that after we had released the information, the manner in which it was released had caused a lot of anxiety and confusion, and that humanity or the people that were confused had put out a call for clarity.

David: First of all, let’s just get into what do you mean by 300,000 in case somebody didn’t see that episode or doesn’t understand?

Corey: When I was interfacing with Tear Eir the previous time, I was wondering how many people were ready to ascend.

And his response at that time was “less than 300,000”. I reported it, and then also, some math got kind of wonky.

David: Well, I tried to calculate what percentage of humanity that would be, and then when we somehow translate it to writing, we lost one of the zeroes. It was going to be 0.0045, and we changed it to 0.045, I think is what happened.

Corey: Yes. I got many emails on that. Yeah, there was some confusion in the delivery.

David: Okay.

Corey: He started communicating and bringing me back to that time to when I had that original question about how many people would be ready to ascend. And he stated that “In your current temporal reality at that moment, that is how many people were ready to ascend, and that that number is in constant flux.”

Our temporal reality right now is being decided upon, and there are constantly changes that are occurring because of us and our co-creative consciousness.

David: When we look at the meditation effect – I’ve talked about it on the “Wisdom Teachings”, 7,000 people – there’s 39 studies of varying numbers of population like this, but the core one is 7,000 people get together and meditate.

And worldwide, war, crime, fatalities, terrorism, decreases by an average of 72%, showing that a very small number of people going a lot more positively can have this hugely disproportionate effect on everyone’s consciousness.

So do you think it’s possible that, perhaps, a small number of us like the number watching this show, which is way in excess of 7,000, that if we started to do our homework and be a lot more positive on a daily basis, that we could significantly increase that number by this radiant effect throughout the whole planet?

7 David

Corey: Absolutely. And one of the things that popped up the most in people’s reactions were, how can the number be so low when there are millions of children on the planet?

David: Yeah.

Corey: Aren’t most of them at least under some sort of age of accountability? And Tear Eir stated that there have never been, in the history of our planet, there have never been more wanderers on the planet than there are currently at this moment, and that most of the children that are here today are here to go through this experience and bring a loving vibe and help us through this consciousness transition that we’re going through.

So a lot of the beings that are left out of that 300,000 number are wanderers, are people that are here from other soul groups that are trying to assist us in this great transition we’re going through.

David: Most of the people watching this show probably are wanderers. The number all the way back in 1981 was 65 million. It seems very likely that the number now could be well in excess of 300 million or more.

Corey: More.

David: So the 300,000 might be people who are not wanderers, who are the entrenched souls that have been recycled through planet after planet. They can’t get the ascension. They keep screwing up.

Only 300,000 of them at the moment were actually ready to go.

Corey: That’s exactly right.

David: Okay.

Corey: Yes.

David: And a majority of the children that are now incarnating are already from a higher vibration.

Corey: Yes. The children have agreed to some sort of contract to come here and assist us in this transition by, a lot of the time, just by being here and being loving and being good and kind.

David: Let me ask you this. A lot of times when we are dealing with really lofty metaphysics and so forth, I used to go to this place called the Fellowship of the Inner Light. It was an interfaith church in Virginia Beach.

The best speakers always got rid of all the complexity and said that the core of the spiritual path is learning to love yourself.

Do you think that if a person has very consistently non-loving thoughts about themselves, that even if they’re being Service-to . . . if they’re trying to be Service-to-Others of other people, but they’re not loving themselves, that that could knock down their polarity?

Corey: Very much so. If we don’t go through a process of forgiving others and forgiving ourselves, then we’re going to hit one of those glass ceilings when it comes to becoming service to others.

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When you’re making changes and healing yourself, you’re making changes to the super consciousness, a being that we’re all a part of.

So when you’re assisting yourself, loving yourself, you’re assisting in loving the rest of humanity as well.

David: So let’s go forward now, and . . .

Corey: Yes.

David: What happens?

Corey: And then for a few moments we went into some more personal things. I was wanting to know what percentage Service-to-Others I was. I was very disappointed at the response. And then I was asking about people around me and asking more about what we have to do to become worthy of the 300,000 or make that number grow.

And it came back to him saying that there were all . . . we all were holding on to too many third-density issues, and that once we learn to let those go, then it’s going to be much easier for this energetic change to have a positive effect on us.

We are all being forced to look in these dark corners of our soul and at these different incidents in our life that we have assigned so much power to. People, if they’ve been abused by certain people when they were a child, they may be 40 years old now, but if they have not forgiven that person and dealt with that energy, that person has the same power over them now than they did when they were abusing them.

So once we start to turn it around and start focusing on ourselves and the negative things that we need to focus on, we’ll be able to guide ourselves onto this optimal temporal reality that Tear Eir was communicating about.

David: What is this optimal temporal reality?

Corey: It is the best case scenario for our collective consciousness. It is the Ascension.

David: Okay. So what’s the next significant thing that happens in this meeting?

Corey: Well, apparently there was also some confusion on the Mandela Effect. And he went into the Mandela Effect a little bit more and described about how it is a cosmic phenomenon. It’s not just something that’s happening down here on Earth, and that it is on such a cosmic level that changes are occurring in the cosmos and in our own reality.

There are things that have been edited, large events that have been edited out of our shared reality that we have no memory of now. So let’s say all of a sudden, tomorrow there is some sort of a shift, and none of us have a memory of 9/11.

It seems like what he was communicating, very significant things like that had been re-edited in our past. And when he was describing this to me, I saw a giant wall of crystal rods that were spinning, rotating. And in the prism effect, things were just instantaneously changing like I was seeing weird things like cars changed colors and the way they looked, trees not . . . I mean it was like a . . . It was very weird and very hard to comprehend.

But he wanted me to know that this is a very big part of the shift that we’re going through.

David: So are you saying that some of these events might be majorly catastrophic like the start of a World War III or the detonation of a nuclear dirty bomb or those types of very . . . or a huge earthquake that kills millions of people? That kind of stuff?

Corey: Yes. Yes, that kind of stuff.

David: And they’re being edited out?

Corey: Right. And . . .

David: Is this being done by the Sphere Beings?

Corey: That was MY question. I said, “What is the purpose for you doing this?”

And his reply was that they’re not doing it. We are. That all of the beings in a cert . . . all beings in a certain, I guess, sector, their co-creative consciousness is creating this Mandela Effect.

David: Hm.

Corey: Yeah. And I’ve had a problem wrapping my mind around that.

David: It is very interesting if you look at the charts of Mars, the planet, in the immediate four days before 9/11, the entire planet is engulfed with red smoke, red clouds. And it’s an unprecedented planet-wide dust storm that we’ve never seen before.

Since Mars is the planet of war, it suggested that the collective trauma that WE experienced on Earth somehow was reflecting backwards in time, and Mars, being the history of wars like 9/11, actually was showing a visible representation of that.

So if time does work in this non-linear fashion, and 9/11 could cast its shadow back into the past like that, are you saying that events that will happen are casting a shadow back into our subconscious, and then we choose not to have it take place somehow?

Corey And David 1

Corey: That is probably better than I could explain it.

David: Okay. How do we alter the timeline?

Corey: I am not exactly sure how it’s working. Our co-creative consciousness is changing our reality. And part of the problem is we cannot fully understand this effect in our current state.

Once we go through this shift, and we have the benefit of not having these third-density issues, our minds are going to see things from a totally different perspective, and different types of physics and cosmology ideas are going to make sense to us.

Right now, I personally just can’t wrap my mind around how . . . I mean, I was surprised how important our co-creative consciousness is in this process. So I’m still wrapping my mind around a lot of this.

David: Could it be as extreme as us shifting into a reality in which there was no Cabal?

Corey: Yes. We could, all of a sudden, be in a reality to where we’re post-Disclosure. We have no really recollection of sitting here pining for Disclosure. We’re in it. And it could happen in a twinkling of an eye, and we would have no reference.

See what I mean, it’s hard for us to wrap our minds around this?

David: Well, if I may quote the Bible, in the book of Peter, it says, “The former world shall not be remembered nor even come into mind once this new Heaven and new Earth comes in.”

I’ve always been boggled by that Bible quote.

Corey: Another thing that will twist your noodle is Tear Eir communicated that many of the non-terrestrial beings that we’re interacting with right now haven’t even discovered our planet yet.

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David: I don’t understand that.

Corey: Exactly.

David: Ha, ha, ha. Many of the ETs that we’re interacting with now haven’t discovered our planet?

Corey: Yes. Let’s say in 2080, non-terrestrials come into our solar system and discover us. These beings travel in time and space. There’s no difference between the two.

So they come to a solar system, find it in its current state, and then go back in time in the solar system and start manipulating it.

David: Wow!

Corey: I’m still trying to wrap my head around that one too.

David: This also reminds me of Henry Deacon, who originally contacted me because he was so impressed by my inner planetary climate change paper I wrote with Richard Hoagland documenting NASA evidence of all the planets in the solar system changing.

And he said that they knew there was going to be a solar flash in his space program he was working in, which apparently was Solar Warden, although he disputes that.

And he said that as we get closer and closer to the solar flash, we’d be altering timelines so much that we could become so disoriented that we couldn’t even have a coherent conversation – that there’s a disorientation factor, because we keep hopping around on timelines.

Corey: Interesting.

David: Is that, perhaps . . . Could people be getting more and more confused as this goes on, because these timeline shifts appear to be very large?

Corey: Yeah, there’s going to be a lot of confusion, because people don’t know what’s happening. Even you and I, we’re discussing it, and we have a little bit of inside information, but we can’t fully understand it.

David: I guess one of the things people would have trouble with is, well, wait a minute. If the reality that we’re in changes, then wouldn’t our written history books still have the old reality in it? Or is it that it changes in non-linear time, so even the history, the written history has changed in the books?

Corey: Well, we’re sitting here going back and forth trying to understand something that we just don’t have the ability to understand yet. Time and space, space-time – we don’t understand it like we think we do.

David: Would you say that maybe after the veil drops, and we get into a post-Ascension world, that we would then be aware of the fact that we have been on one timeline, that it was successfully shifted at that point?

Corey: I don’t know. I have no way of knowing.

David: Okay. So this whole weird Internet speculation about the Mandela Effect, they [Blue Avians] are, again, saying that it’s true, but it’s even bigger than we think.

Corey: It’s going on on a cosmic level.

David: So this discussion of the Mandela Effect, can we alter it with our own intention? Can we collectively intend to have these shifts take place, a small number of us maybe shift the whole outcome?

Corey: Absolutely. And Tear Eir made it very clear that a very small number of people can act as a rudder for the rest of our collective consciousness, because everyone else is in such disarray that the people like in this community, and some others that are awakening and coming together, they have more power in their co-creative abilities than they know.

And when two, three, four people start getting together and focusing on a positive intent, then we are creating that positive future.

David: Well, and if your guys are talking like The Law of One, and they’ve told you to read The Law of One, it seems that they are the source of The Law of One. Would you agree with that?

Corey: Yes.

David: We’ve established that now? They are the source of The Law of One?

Corey: It took me awhile to get there, but yes.

David: The Law of One endorsed Edgar Cayce’s readings as authentic, and that’s in there. Anybody can read that. And Cayce had a group called the Glad Helpers during World War II. In a reading, he said that that room of people, 40 people, could change and end World War II.

And they really didn’t get it. They didn’t get that 40 of them could actually stop Hitler and stop World War II from happening.

Corey: That’s because these negative groups have been successful in keeping us ignorant of our co-creative power.

David: Did they talk to you at all about this co-creative power in this meeting after the Mandela Effect portion?

Corey: After the Mandela Effect, we moved over to discussing consciousness and how those of us in this community . . . it is perfectly fine for us to focus on the Secret Space Program and non-terrestrials interacting with us.

Tear Eir communicated that those of us in this field working on consciousness and ufology, we should begin to focus more on planting seeds and having a positive effect on our group consciousness.

And I wasn’t given any specific ways to do that, because we all have our different talents or our different reaches or abilities, and every single person is just as important in this endeavor.

The person sitting home right now watching this show, they have interaction with many people in their life. And if they can have an effect on the co-creative consciousness of one, two, three people in their lives, that’s a major effect that they’re having overall.

David: So I feel like what you’re giving us here is really valuable, because we are actually able to turn the needle and point the needle in the direction that we want it to go.

We are not simply watching this show and hoping that we’re going to get Disclosure from the powers that were. But we control the outcome far more than we realize.

Corey: Absolutely.

David: And that is a very empowering message. Corey, I want to thank you for being here. And I want to thank you for watching. And anything you can do to try to live a more peaceful, stress-free life, we have lots of great resources on this channel for health, wellness, fitness, and all that stuff is available to you as a subscriber.

So I encourage you to check all that stuff out. I’m David Wilcock. This is Cosmic Disclosure, and we’ll see you here next time.


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