To support people who are re-aligning to cosmic planetary vibrational shifts
The audio clip though stretches over 8 minutes cover 3 movements.

First Movement: Opening Inner Doors
Connecting you with your Sacred Self
Opening to your Heart Space
Expanding Consciousness to New Dimensions of Light
Releases Old Karmic Blockages towards Clarity
Healing Old Emotional Wounds
Clearing Central Light Column

Second Movement: Empowerment
Stimulates Sacral Chakra for Creativity
Codes for Unification
Relief and Upliftment
Support Positive Change in Attitude

Third Movement: Awakening to Your Cosmic-Self
DNA Strands Awakening
Star Memories
Activating Inner Potentials
Tapping into Possibilities
Bridging Answers

You can listen to this recording everyday and every time you repeat listening, the activations resonate stronger with your morphogenetic field.
The sounds produced vocally is a language beyond words, they are known as “The Language of Light”. They can be understood as energetic information expressed through sound that layers upon layers of acoustic shapes merged into uncountable spherical mandala-like patterns capable of stimulating and affecting the human nervous systems, cells, DNAs, consciousness and electromagnetic field.
Becoming the Light ~ Awakening Your Divine Codes
Vocals: Yantara Jiro


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