We the Human Angelic Race of Gaia Call Forth the We Are Presence of the Seven God Rays of the Ascended Masters and the Seven Archeons with their Divine Twin Flame Complements. We ask for your presences to speak through this reading. Thank you.

To the First Blue Ray of El Morya with Amerissis and Archeon Michael with Archeia Faith to give and sustain us in the Will of God and Divine Protection.

To the Second Yellow Ray of Lord Lanto with Shoshimi and Archeon Jophiel with Archeia Christine to give and sustain us in Divine Wisdom and Illumination.

To the Third Pink Ray of Paul the Venetian with Lady Ruth and Archeon Chammuel with Archeia Charity to give and sustain us in Divine Love and Adoration.

To the Fourth White Ray of Seripis Bey with Amutreya and Archeon Gabriel with Archeia Hope to give and sustain us in Discipline and Purity.

To The Fifth Green Ray of Hillarion with Pallas Athena and Archeon Gabriel with Mother Mary to give and sustain us in Ultimate Health and Divine Wholeness.

To The Sixth Purple and Gold Ray of Master Jesus with Lady Nada and Archeon Uriel with Archeia Aurora to give and sustain us in Peace and Christ Consciousness.

To The Seventh Violet Ray of St Germain with Lady Portia and Archeon Zadkiel with Archeia Holy Amethyst to give and sustain us in Transmutation and Forgiveness.

Thank you for being with us here in this moment and in all moments to bringing us the messages that is meant for all of us here on Gaia now.


Can you imagine a world full of fairy tales that don’t turn into disasters and love that isn’t disguised by hate? Well, brothers and sisters, we are here with you today and we gather with you and around you in a harmonious gesture of a homecoming, in lieu of the prom and then of course, the wedding, the feast, and all God has in store for Its Bride.

Brothers and Sisters,
We are the Bride. We have been to the proposal. We wear the ring but we are waiting endlessly, so it seems, for the wedding.

There are still some stuck in the 3D world the rest of us won’t understand the difference of because they are lacking a 5D experience. They are blindly ‘loving and ‘living’ in third dimensional hell.

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Where there is no, love there is hell. There is illusion of love. There are very few who ever find the truest love possible on this earth in less than a series of incarnations and usually serious lessons they chose to learn on the earth plane or are unable to learn on any other plane. They are not evolved enough to understand it, let alone approach it. They are oblivious to what’s truly around them, layers of an earth bound hell, prophesied in the Old Testament and re-prophesied in the New Testament would be the eternal fate of the human race. The original human race and its byproducts. Think on that.

They are processed by mind numbing machinery they call cell phones, now rendered smart phones so almost no one with any bit of real, worthy, and logical knowledge will immediately process what a cell phone was invented for. They call this their heaven. They don’t consider it hell. They feed off the hype for a fix because they can’t find one anywhere else. Nothing else is quite like it either, so naturally the simple pass through and are taken to the slaughter.

God’s children have known this, approached it for all its worth, came against it in every Holy Name known and unknown, broke the chains that bound Mother Earth’s core roots and have re-birthed the Tree of Life to return to Eden once more.

We are the called and the chosen. We are the Diamond Rays, Rainbow Rays, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Grey, Red, & Yellow Rays. This takes us back to the song, ‘We are precious in his sight. Red and yellow, black and white.’ Of course, it’s been modified but Jesus parables are even in the hymns and children’s stories of old.

We are the 12 tribes of Israel. We are a soul extension of Jesus and Mary Magdalane’s twin flame unity.

We possess both the masculine and feminine energies in their truest yin/yang essence, likeness, God Image. I AM THAT I AM. I AM EVERY ONE OF YOU. I AM EVERYTHING THAT LIVES AND BREATHES. I AM EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS. I AM EVERYTHING THAT WAS, IS & WILL BE. I AM THE UNIVERSE LOOKING BACK AT YOU.

We are the Alpha and Omega Fire. We are the coming of the Christ. We are Jesus Life. We are the Last Supper. We are the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, because WE ARE THE ASCENDED MASTERS, just as Jesus ascended into Heaven as did Moses and Aaron, Joshua and David, Jacob and Elijah. It is not a matter of dying to find Jesus. It is a matter of Ascending. That is the point of eternal life.

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So be gone with your deception, your lies, your negativity and fear which breeds more. Be gone with your egotistical pursuits and push for power. The spotlight is given to those for whom it’s ready. The stage is brought to the performer that’s already there. If you are not there, you are not in that part of your evolution. You are learning difficult and painful lessons to prepare you for royalty. The 3D worlds promise power of royalty is an illusion. No one wants that kind of power because they are eventually unable to posses it with a Holy Spirit until Mother Earth is completely ascended to the 5th dimension.

Yes, you are all Kings and Queens. What do you think Narnia, Twilight and Lord of the Rings, Avatar, and The Little Prince are made of? The 5th dimension and Higher.

Those worlds are real. They are palpable but you MUST open the gate. That’s what this 11/11 portal is about. A chance to discover endless worlds without rules and regulations put into place by slave traders that withhold God’s Divine Beauty from you. Its karmic ties to the Underworld. It is those lessons we will return to over and over until we learn them. It is the circle of life in all it’s cycles.

We must liberate ourselves through going within and staying there. It’s a nice idea to do inner work. It’s literally another world to do it. To keep doing it. To do it until it’s done. But it’s what must be done to reunite with our twin flames so that we can return to Source when it’s our time to.

Do away with gossip. Refrain from vanity. Seek God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Pray in these desperate times. Be aware. Everything has a message. NO MATTER WHAT IT IS and it has a meaning on all 77 levels of understanding on the Tree of Life.

You are not alive if you don’t understand the energetic boundaries of your actions and thoughts. You are a puppet, allowing the puppet-master to control your reality. Take it back! It is no ones to take. It belongs to you as the God particle you are. If all of us truly awoke to that fact, the power within us would be alive and the power without us would be dead or unable to affect us in any at all as we travel from sphere to sphere on the Galactic Plane. Join us in the 5th dimension! We are your family.


We are star-seeds from distant galaxies sent here to redeem your ordinary minds and replace them with a spell that never dies. Aslan said it Himself as he stood beside the cracked stone table. There is an incantation, older than time, that the witch never knew. A deeper magic within the hearts of men that burned on a level she would never experience. Every traitor will be redeemed.

Every ransom will be paid. Every debt gone. It will reinvent Heaven on the Earth Plane so that other spheres buried deeper than hell itself will be exposed to the light and so evolution will go on and on in the same cycles and circles of life for each body of cosmic cloth it finds until God is fully realized. It’s an endless journey, my friends that cannot be done in even a series of carnal lifetimes. It must be achieved by karmic approval that it’s time to evolve. It may seem to be eons before we can even move but that’s only a perception of the collective mind. It happens in the blink of an eye and that old familiar feeling of home and bliss reminds you of why you’re here and what you have to return to.

None of this is in vain. You are here today for a reason. This is no accident. There are no accidents with God. There are no last chances with the Universe. You are eternal. So am I. So are the Archangels that guide us and speak through us at this very moment.

Live your existence well so you find yourself in this millennia of milk and honey. We are waiting for you.

Invocation channeled:
by Jennifer Lucas

Tarot reading interpret by: Sarah Herring

Was an honor to unite with you.


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