Two crew members were injured when the plane –traveling towards Toronto— had to dodge a mysterious object in mid-air. Experts concluded that the object that nearly collided with the airplane was a spherical-shaped UFO with a diameter of around three meters. “…It definitely wasn’t a bird. It was a fairly large object…”

Pilots had mere seconds to spot the object and react in order to avoid catastrophe.

A Porter Airlines plane with 54 passengers on board was flying 3,000 meters above Lake Ontario, the smallest of the five Great Lakes of North America when something crossed its path. In order to avoid a mid-air collision with the UFO, pilots had to perform evasive maneuvers. “The pilots noticed the object in the distance. As they approached they saw that it did not move and stood in their flight path, “said a spokesman for the regional airline. “At first, judging by the shape, they thought it was a balloon, then speculated that it might be a drone.”

However, due to the altitude, the plane was traveling researchers believe it’s difficult to think it was a drone.

The reaction of the pilots before the imminent collision was to perform an evasive maneuver that caused two stewards who were not in their seats to be injured; however, they were able to recover and continue their respective tasks.

None of the passengers on board was injured, and the plane landed normally. As a precaution, the stewardesses were taken to the hospital where they were soon discharged, reports The Star.

Porter plane narrowly avoids collision with mystery object | Toronto Star

OTTAWA-A drone? A weather balloon? A piece of garbage swept up by the wind? The pilots of a Porter Airlines flight inbound to Toronto on Monday morning were forced to put their plane into a sudden dive to avoid a mid-air collision with an unidentified object high over Lake Ontario, causing minor injuries to two flight attendants.

“Nobody knows at this point. It happened so quickly,” said Peter Rowntree, a senior regional investigator with the safety board.

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“We’ve got our work cut out trying to figure out what this unidentified flying object was. What did they encounter?” Rowntree said in an interview.

“It definitely wasn’t a bird. It was a fairly large object,” he said, describing it as up to three meters wide.

“They essentially just pushed the nose down to get underneath it,” Rowntree said.

“It’s a big sky out there, so the fact they even saw it is something,” he said, noting that the aircraft was traveling at almost 450 kilometers per hour.


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