I so love when I can wake up in the morning and understand myself and my feelings better.  This morning is one such morning, thanx to an article a beautiful friend shared on my facebook timeline last evening.  I have not read the whole article yet, only because puzzle pieces already started to plop into place just from the shear scan I did of the article.  I guess I should share that article with you (smile) Parallel worlds exist and interact with our world, say physicists

This came perfectly timed with my own inner questioning as to why my mothers passing still hurts my heart the way it does.  I had none of this with my father, at all.  Quite the opposite really, when I would think of my father after he passed, I would fill up with sooo much gratitude for having spent 18 months with him before he passed.  Of course, I justify to myself that this sadness lingers with my mother because I only had 3 months, but I realized this morning, that’s only partially true.  Let me put all this on hold and share the bigger picture this crazy skimmed article triggered!  Let me tell ya, the more I look at it, understand it, the crazier the picture becomes!


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