As you know frequency and vibrational photonic light is transforming every cellular structure within, all is being transmuted into your own individual light quotients. Every jot of your existence in this timeline and incarnations in this and all other past incarnations on this planet, dimensions and on other celestial bodies are coming back to a fruition point or zero point being exposed to rapidly shift us to to tipping point of higher heart consciousness. That time is NOW.

The density of the 3D is dissolving moment by moment within the zero point of now. It is vital for you who resonate to maintain your energetic fields, allow the incoming light to lift you into even higher states of expansion. All the posts myself and many others have shared have all been preparation. the training wheels are coming off.
It is now our individual responsibility to anchor and fully integrate all we have been working so hard to achieve.

Reading about ascension and being ascension is a very different story…keeping your awareness in the higher realms whilst living in this physical vessel and others over the eons as been the most challenging experience we have ever had to endure. All the wounding, grief, heart wrenching trauma we have all had to/are transmuting thru us and for the collective is too profound to contemplate…but if you are resonating and reading this…YOU DID IT…..and continue to do so… Now meditate on that…..



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