My oh my, have you ever experienced anything like these energies? They are twisting and turning in massive change and unpredictability. Many of us have been feeling emotional to say the very least. As Deepak Chopra wrote: “. . . Trump isn’t bizarre or anomalous. He stands for something universal, something right before our eyes. It’s an aspect of the human psyche that we feel embarrassed and ashamed of, which makes it our collective secret. Going back a century in the field of depth psychology, the secret side of human nature acquired a special name: the shadow.”

The Ground Crew with Valerie Donner in California, Lightworkers Who Serve Humanity and Mother Earth. Messages Straight From the Heart by Valerie Donner

The Ground Crew in California is here to support lightworkers with channeled messages, we are Lightworkers Who Serve Humanity and Mother Earth, updated information about planetary changes, health, prophecies, and more.



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