As gravity is an effect in the universe, so is consciousness. Our idea of individuality is an illusion basically. Your inner self is the same inner self in any other conscious being. All inner selfs form higher self, the collective consciousness. Early human understood by nature it was Self, to live in love and joy in absolute freedom. Problems emerged as spoken language evolved and nature was not understood in words. The ‘truth’ of words took over the human mind. Collective consciousness guided human to the modern world of today where all can finally be understood.

The universe you see, the sensations you actually _sense_ , are created in your brain, as it is processing signals. The brain shapes a vivid 3D model of reality, which is in fact our reality. Light, color, sound, notion of space, time, everything was created by Life. Sensations need consciousness, consciousness needs sensations. Without either our vivid universe cannot exist. Life could create all because the ‘deep universe’ had/has a potential for it all to be created, to exist. To Life this potential is an infinite omnipotent source of creativity, intelligence, wisdom, joy, love. But also nasty things like pain. However, all that Life ‘borrows’ from this potential is to the benefit of Life. It is as if this source raises Life in unconditional love. Life grows ‘towards’ this source, to expand consciousness, to expand the vivid universe from within, in love, joy and freedom. Destiny.

Our ancestors where shaped through the evolving consciousness in all of their ancestors. An incredible creature in a most perfect world. Human brains cooperated as one, as Life is one and Self is one. But then spoken language evolved. Misunderstanding and fear brought non-existing things in existence in the human mind. Human adapted life to these illusions, forcing self from its natural state, to live in pseudo-realities, assuming pseudo-identities. Human went living in a spiritual afterlife, not knowing it ‘died’, being merely a ghost of what it once was. Living unnatural lives caused a lot of problems. Early human history was preserved in stories, myths, of which some evolved into religions, collecting a lot of noise and dust over the millennia. But this is what religions and myths are all about in their core.

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Now it is time to realign with natural collective consciousness. The universe is logic. Free will in itself is an illusion. Our brains simply react, make choices, but it will always be to the benefit of Life. Self. Misunderstanding and fear of Self caused many problems, but brains kept cooperating as one, the human mind kept evolving, so one day the ancient spells would finally be broken. Time to return home, respect human nature as it was shaped in unconditional love, to live in love, joy and freedom without any fear. All life in the universe is like a close family, but deep inside we’re closer than identical twins.

As you align with collective consciousness, in really understanding what the overall will of life is, you’ll discover that your ‘higher self’ is trying to teach you things, every single moment. Nothing is a coincidence, yet nothing is scripted either. It’s how consciousness evolved and how it works. In a living and loving universe this has marvelous surprises.


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