Waves of emotional intensity are showing up across the world in extreme ways right now. These waves are fast and Multidimensional, so they can change as fast as they arrive.

This increases transformation energy, creates healing and potency, but also chaos and disillusionment.

On the heavier end of the emotional scale, these waves encourage and reveal CONFLICT ENERGY between people. It is WOUNDED & SUPPRESSED ENERGY that is showing up in these inner and outer conflicts – a way for people to see and hear their own wounds, through inner and outer fight, struggle or resistance.

At the lighter end of the scale (for those who are not as consumed with the inner or outer fight), this energy will be SUPER-CHARGING the way for faster-than-ever magical shifts in and for you. This can cause sudden changes in directions, outlook or placement in the world, which may feel unnerving at first, but will ultimately be the right moves for you.

A collective shedding of the past is taking place across the world (which is the cause of these intensity waves). A releasing of the OLD WORLD is what we are going through. But it is being shaken at the foundations rather than quickly demolished, so the process can feel slow, frustrating and intense. It can also bring up GRIEF and LOSS for sensitives and empaths who are feeling the collective energy pulse (TIP: if this is your experience, use the affirmation “I release any energies and emotions that are not mine” as many times a day as you need, and focus on finding more light in your life to bring balance).

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Ultimately, this time is paving the way for new energy collectively and personally, and for many it will be triggering enormous shifts and releases of joy, creativity and aliveness into your state of being. Some of you will not remember feeling this way for a long time. That is because this intensity is ROCKET FUEL for personal shifts, magical changes and the fast and easy release of suppression in the growth-focused or open individual.

Sexuality, sexism, ego-issues & abuse of power are under the microscope on the planet right now in a big way, as power is having its Light and its shadow examined.

You and/or those around you will therefore be more sensitive to power issues and imbalances, more likely to react and more desiring of speaking up and out than ever before.

These conflict experiences will give many of us a chance to see how we react and respond to aggressiveness or conflict from others, with many finding a more peaceful and clear way to experience conflict than ever before.

2017 and 2018 are massive change years on the planet and LIGHT-WORKERS, CHANGE-AGENTS, HEALERS and HUMANITARIANS are being asked to feel and heed the call to action.

You are needed. And you are not expected to do it alone.

SO remember that, and remember to invite the LIGHT IN. The light comes in so many forms, so remember to say, “I LET THE LIGHT IN” whenever you feel a desire or a need.

Big love everyone

Lee Harris


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