This video by Bridget Nielsen is dedicated to reconnecting with your roots, your family tree, your ancestors to receive spiritual support to live a happy and balanced life. You can also bring any healing that is needed to your family by acting as the healer for your lineage.

Remember, you are your ancestors. The influence of your ancestors on your life is immense. They can even affect what you do and don’t attract into your life.

You can energetically connect with you ancestors to heal old wounds, give back family attributes that don’t serve you, and even ask them to gift or bless you in specific ways.

Bridget Nielsen is an author, intuitive, eco-adventurer, raw food chef and healthy life-stylist. Bridget and her team also lead spiritual adventure trips to exotic places. Her next adventure is in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on Jan 14–21, 2017. It’s called the Mayan Riviera Mexico Caribbean Adventure, and the theme is: A Fresh Start…Bringing in the New You!  Sign up for this exciting, transformational adventure HERE. Watch this video for details:


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