The ascending energies are getting more powerful and shaking things up right now for the first stage of the planetary shift. As we reach the winter solstice, we will receive the final wave of cosmic light energies into the christic grids of mother Earth. This will allow the original Christ light consciousness to flow throughout the planet and REMOVE anything that is not in harmonic alignment with the original divine plan for mother Earth.

When people speak of the “Second Coming of Christ”, it actually means we will be returning back to the vibration of God Source, the frequency associated with the Absolute Divine; Christ Consciousness. We are in the final stage of this process.

The 5D frequency merger with Earth’s 5D parallel body – new Earth, completes in the Winter Solstice of 2016. This will mark the beginning of the new Earth reality in the unified field of consciousness. For those of us who are ready, we will separate from the old density and it will not seem as if reality is quite right. There will be a strange feeling that we have moved some place.

We are at a time of the most exciting experience we will ever have.

2017 is going to be absolutely amazing!

~Romeo Baron


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