Sophia Love – Let’s go right to that place, that sector of your heart that harbors your dreams.

 For it is upon us now to make them manifest.  You see, all along this journey there’s been sidekicks and detours.  They’ve been mightily disguised to fool even those of us who know – those of us who remember.  They’ve pulled us from our core and led us astray.
We have taken the scenic route and find ourselves home.

This is a place familiar, not by sight but by feel.  It peeks out from beneath the masks and whispers… “Remember.” For you are not beauty, beast, brain, brawn, rich or poor.  You are the bit of brilliance beneath them all.

This name you’ve become will one day be added to your essence string.  It will serve as a locator for you in 2016 on Earth.  There are multiple locators, all of them you.

It’s time to remove the masks.  This act demands bravery.

It is you who came for this moment now; you who must reveal the truth – the truth of you.  As we each step out, we are witness to the One. For you are me and we are everyone connected. We sometimes call it humanity and it looks like that – at first.

Then, when you stand there long enough without your mask or your job or your name to cover you – what you see is the fabric of life itself.  What you feel is love.

It is felt in each bird call and belly laugh.  It is seen in every tree. You have to find it alone. It sometimes jumps out from a song lyric or a movie moment or a sunset.  You occasionally feel it in a hug or see it in a pair of smiling eyes.  There are many stories this time of year that call it forth.


Once called forth and recognized it becomes your job to hold it high and let it be witnessed.  Others of us need the reminder.  It’s been hidden for so very long – this we that is us that is you that is I.

What’s new now as we close out this calendar year, is you. You are here for this time of exposure and display and wild variation.  All of this serves as a platform for your dreams. It becomes the foundation for our new world.

No longer satisfied with should’s, have to’s or obedience, we begin true creation. This is the work of gods and it turns out, your job.

For this world no longer holds truth’s we can count on or institutions we can believe in.  This world is instead the place you’ve come to build anew.  You’ll need all parts of yourself to do so, without the masks.

So as you say farewell to 2016, be sure to give yourself a gift. In some quiet moment and all alone, remove your masks.  Allow all of you to show up and stick out. Experience all parts then, without fear.  You will come to know yourself truly.  Feel your pain, your joy, your power.  From that place visualize the world you came to create.  See that world accommodate your dream.  See it as real.  Expect it.  Believe it.  Be it.

We’ve been on this road for so very long.  We are not yet finished.  We must now stand naked.  Not before the crowd, but before ourselves.  Then, in our nakedness, without title or protective gear to avert our eyes or our aim – we must love. We are good enough.  We are deserving. We are meant to be loved for no reason. We are here to do the same for each other.

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Love with wild abandon; our entire world and all of her people.  You will then see this world and her people return that love tenfold.

Without condition or delay, just love. It’s what you came for.

You are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

With blessings and gratitude and wishes for a glorious 2017,


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