Romeo Baron – The HEART CHAKRA is the gateway to the higher frequencies. People who have blockages in the heart chakra generally have difficulty expressing and giving love and accepting love and kindness from others.

The following strategy is designed to help you start practicing your divinity and aims at opening up your heart chakra. Divinity refers to an individual who can demonstrate and project the attributes of unconditional love and compassion consciously, through thoughts, actions, and behavior in all aspects of their life. These two major heart based attributes are summarized below:

• Unconditional love refers to positive energy you share with others. You offer love to everyone, regardless of a person’s personality, behavior, race beliefs, or how they treat you. Love refers to your energy, time wisdom, and being. Unconditional love is not biased or conditional. “Conditional Love” refers to any self imposed criteria that determines how much love you are prepared to offer, if those conditions are met. Unconditional love means you have no expectations, it is offered freely and without hesitation, you do not request a personal reward for your time/wisdom, and nor do you demonstrate favoritism, regardless of their age, sex or race.

• Compassion refers to how you consciously respond to energy transferred at you, for example from people, events, and situations. Demonstrating compassion requires you to be “spiritually conscious.” When you accept that each person has taken a different spiritual path to your own, and people spiritually choose what they wish to experience for an incarnation reason, you suspend all judgment. Compassion involves separating your emotions from a person’s emotions, actions, behavior or from a situation or event. To live in neutrality means avoiding the need to express your views, opinions, and judgments. From this view point, you actually understand what is happening, because a person’s beliefs, behavior, and actions are the incarnation conditions they choose to experience during their lifetime. To practice compassion, you must listen, observe, and communicate with others, without ever openly or publicly expressing your views, criticisms, opinions, and judgments. You respect their behavior, actions, choices, and decisions. You accept and acknowledge that everyone is a spiritual being regardless of your feelings.

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1. Showing Unconditional Love to Others. Simply find ways to demonstrate unconditional love towards others. This is not about learning a new skill or behavior, or trying to become someone new. To move into your hear base qualities; it is simply about your awareness and doing what feels right for you. Each of you has this goodness inside of you

– it is our natural state. To live on new Earth, it is about accepting everyone as a spiritual being, and your willingness to have a human experience that involves a new way of living that operates on love, peace, unity and equality. Therefore, you need to find ways to direct your love energy through your thoughts, words, and actions. Here are a couple of suggestions for demonstrating unconditional love and compassion. And you can always research techniques that resonate with your inner-core being:

• Once a week, select a person from your life and do something special for them. It does not have to be something big or expensive. You can keep it simple. You can also do volunteer or community service work. For example, you can help someone whose sick, or donate your time to help him or her with something they need doing around the house, or make a special gift. All you are doing here is simply expressing your inner love & compassion and outwardly showing to them that you consider them to be a special and an important person in your life, without wanting anything back in return. The power of giving unconditional love to others is that it also serves you.

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• Learn not to judge others. Non-judgmental means that you do not say what you think is right or wrong, or good or bad. You just listen. Learn to be emotionally neutral. Accept everyone as equal. Consciously learn to see people as spiritual beings. Not every person may choose the same path as you. Many friends and family will not participate in ascension for various reasons. A spiritually conscious person does not judge people and refuses to pay attention to the media controversies and public opinion, so learn to set aside your emotions, anger and ego. A spiritually conscious person does not preach and nor do we have a need to constantly have an opinion or try to influence those around him/her. We recognize that everyone has freewill and they have chosen their belief systems for a reason. Constantly project your love energy on everyone. Remember, nothing else matters anymore, it is only about how much love you are prepared to share.

• Practice smiling for no reason at all. Smile when you answer the phone, when shopping at stores, and at work. Smile into the mirror each time you look at yourself. Practice smiling even while you are thinking. Place your awareness in your heart, each time you smile. The simple act of smiling from your heart will attract more joy, bliss, and happiness into your life. When you express the vibration of joy, there is an upward and energetic shift in your aura. This vibration means you are radiating your higher frequency. You can use any technique that works best for you, that will help you outwardly express the emotional frequency of joy, for example laughing, giggling, and radiating cheerfulness.


• Offer your friends and family a hug. This is where you embrace and hug someone for 10 seconds. In regards to opening the heart chakra, any physical interaction such as hugging, touching, kissing, massaging etc, between two consenting people actually acts as a potent tool for the transfer of the higher frequency between the two bodies.

• Take personal responsibility to care for the environment. Simply grab a garbage bag and go for a walk and collect any rubbish. Organize a family or neighborhood cleanup day. Earth is a living and sentient being. To show your love and compassion towards the planet, do anything that demonstrates how wonderful and important you think of mother Earth.

~Romeo Baron
Book Excerpt:
Personal Ascension – How to Expand your Consciousness

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