Aug Tellez – In every moment, every situation, whether one is causally taking a walk, or in a heated exchange of emotions, information, or opinions, the intentions one holds within will determine the overall outcome of the experience.

Observe Intention

What this indicates is that if we are looking to hone our power of focus and intention then we can start with the ‘now’ moment. This is to say, that if we can instantly choose to focus on our intention and bring to the surface of consciousness the most powerful intention for ourselves then this will reverse the power leeching affect of distractions and emotional vampirism.

This is also to say that this can be used as a kind of diagnosis method to determine what kind of attachments or vampiric intrusions are present in one’s consciousness because in a given 5 second, 30 second, 1-2 minute, or 25 minute period we will be able to observe silently and bring to the surface any unwarranted or intrusive patterns.

Intention Constantly Reflects Unto All Experience

These patterns will subliminally reflect onto daily experiences and even periods of silence and inactivity. This will be experienced as the baseline emotional state and the level of connectivity with the self that will be accessible through daily waking consciousness.

Chemical Sedation and How Trauma Distorts Intentions, Expectations, and Connection to the Self (self-awareness)

Most people carry trauma from this life and the spiritual existence and so they will feel the necessity to drink, smoke, or otherwise partake in some kind of chemical sedation in order to wipe clean that surface layer of inhibition and residual worry in order to ‘feel’ like ‘themselves’. Then, from in this sedated state they can communicate in an emotionally open manner to others, they can feel ‘alright’ about their position in life. This is a sign of trauma and addiction to chemical inebriation and this kind of degradation is supported throughout many aspects of society because this kind of person will be less in control of their own emotional and mental processes and will also be more ready for accept other chemical or external (artificial) means of maintaining inner balance when this will only lead to a more and more imbalanced sense of self from the natural perspective.

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Observing Intention To Trace Traumas and Heal

The fact of the matter is that by obesrving our intention and by simply becoming aware of trauma and manipulation we begin the process of healing such issues and reversing the damages that are present. Observation alone is not the entirety of the process because often specific and customized methods will be developed for each individual to overcome emotional scarring, and malformed sense of self-image in order to regain their ‘original’ self.

Another truth behind that is that the original self is not truly ever regained because this would be like becoming your childhood self again. This is a powerful aspect of growth in that we are always moving forward. We just have to get to a position where we can accept what moving forward means and become aware of how our self-image and emotional senses may have been distorted into a pattern of expression and self-reflection that does not truly represent our inner presence but the influence of external stressors or vampiric relationships that we have experienced.

By becoming aware of the trauma, we step forward onto the pathway of regaining our initial motivation to express the self and to know the self with enjoyment.

What We Express Through Intention, Matches What We Receive

To look into the intention we hold in a given moment and consistently work with monitoring and adjusting our intentions each day is to slowly realign our energy senses more closely towards the initiation of receiving that which corresponds to what we consider our inner desires. When we are receiving a life we don’t agree with, this is not a mistake, this means that is exactly what we are ordering from the universe through our thoughts and perceptions. Our very bio-emissions, our annoyances, our putting ourselves through these lower-energy constructs on a day to day basis is what fuels this type of return from the universe.

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If we monitor our bio-emissions and the intentions that we are putting out and holding within in a given situation then and only then can we acknowledge when we are aligning with a response that we do not want to receive by allowing ourselves to be pushed or pulled to a level of intention that we do not enjoy experiencing and embodying.

This is why there is a connection between what we emit and what we receive, however simply changing our mind is not the entirety of the solution but slowly but surely shaping every facet of our physical existence (to a reasonable degree) towards achieving this harmony between what we expect and intend to create and what we receive and thus experience in return.


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