Romeo Baron – New Earth will be a 5th dimensional planet where each person sees the love in all things and radiates unconditional love and compassion towards others. 5D Earth will be a united world, and every single person will experience the same higher quality living conditions, and everyone demonstrates compassion and equality towards each other. 5D Earth will be without duality, inequality, and diversity, and instead will be founded on unity, freedom and solidarity.

Lady Gaia is shifting into the blue ray of the universal spectrum. The 5th dimension is associated with blue, which represents the vibration of unconditional love and unconditional wisdom. To live in the 5th dimension, you need to move into the higher vibrations of love and compassion and dissociate yourself from the lower vibrations of the ego-mind and the negative elements of duality. The 5th dimension means everyone experiences the same positive world and new humanity operates as One. In the 5th dimension everyone understands and supports this way of being.

In 5D Earth, we stop thinking in terms of “what’s in it for me”(selfish/ego-mind), but rather the function is on “what will benefit all of us.” 5D Earth means the desire to serve through unconditional love. People work together to find solutions that reflect the highest good for all concerned in every situation. You do not have to give unconditional love 24/7, but it does mean that you are prepared to learn and practice divinity, for example you freely volunteer your expertise, knowledge and skills to help the good of all. 5D Earth is based on solidarity, which means prejudices, elitism, and discrimination will not exist.

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In 5D Earth there will be no capitalism and commercialism, and no person works to earn a living or for profit. Imagine doing your current job without a wage, but your time and labor serves everyone. You freely give your time and assistance without obligation and you lead without controlling others. You trust each other utterly and rely on each other to assume the role they volunteered. Money is a 3D illusion and only served the spiritual purpose for learning duality. There will be no monetary system in 5D Earth, because abundance is the universal right and everyone will be entitled to the same luxuries. A world without money, impossible you might say? Why would you want to pay to live on a 5th dimensional planet that you have volunteered to experience? Everyone is supplied with what they want
and need. 5D Earth means living in Unity, Peace, and Love.

~Romeo Baron


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