Well, we made it through the holidays and are now into a new year.  Happy new year to you all!  And we are all still here … no Planet X has spin us on our axis, creating catastrophic earth changes … yep, we are still here.  So what’s next?  When I tuned into the Nibiruans I was informed that this year will be about integration … lots and lots of integration.

The next thought to popped into my head was, “This is the work you came for, the work you trained for. Now you must take all that you learned and apply it. The world will need all the compassion and integration help it can get.  Why?  The dark underbelly of the Cabal/PTB is going to be revealed this year. And we must be ready to integrate all the horror.  Not an easy task, especially the part about their satanic ritual eating of children … that’s going to be the tough one for me I can assure you.

So we are all being called to action, to apply the integration tools we’ve been taught in order to see the mass consciousness with as much compassion and templates for achieving integration of these horrific acts as we can.

But there is also an up side as well. Many have worked tirelessly to bring about disclosure of our off-world neighbors.  I see that making a huge leap forward this year. But, again …it will rock peoples’ worlds, especially those like my oldest brother who firmly believes that we are the only inhabitants in this universe.

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In a nutshell you could say that compassion and integration are the key words for 2017.  Get ready…its going to be one heck of a ride. *Putting on my big girl panties and pulling up my hip waders.*


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