After the transition, will the colors of our chakras change? If so, what colors will they be? Could we have other information on the chakras and the transition?

Monique Mathieu -They are telling me:

“Of course, with my transition, human beings are experiencing immense and profound changes at the level of their body and also in their energy being (the physical being is above all energy, but conceive that what you see of yourselves is a densified energy).

Therefore you are going to be greatly transformed since you are becoming more and more crystalline. The process has begun within many human beings. You cannot imagine the importance of the chakras since you do not see them (those who do see them may be able to realize this).

The chakras will be different. The centers of perception will be more important and larger because they will have a much greater ability to capture all of the energies that will be sent to them for the improved functioning of the being.

Do not forget that your principal and secondary centers of force, all of your captors of energy will perceive, feel and integrate some energies that only arrived into this world just a few months or a few years ago.

Your eighth center of force will be more and more active, and you will be able to begin to feel the energy of you ninth center of force. These two centers of force will be totally operational once you have entered in totality into the fifth dimension.

Normally, for the equilibrium of your physical body and of your energy bodies, you have twelve centers of force. You do not use twelve at this time, but once you will be complete you will use all of them. We will not give you their colors since they will be according to the evolution of beings. Certainly there will be colors for these centers of force.”

They are showing me that some of them will integrate much more energy than others. The colors will be a little mixed. I see the cardiac center of force with green, pink, and gold. This is a sparkling of colors that I do not know how to describe.

They are showing me the ninth chakra that is a dazzling white. The eighth appears to me as a golden yellow; it is an indefinable color for me.

“You will be so different (you begin to be already) that it is difficult for us to give you teachings as to their colors. We have already given you some indications.

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We will also say that there is also the color of the aura but there is not only the color that envelops your body. Your multi-dimensional energies possess also their own colors that, often, have a relation to the color of your centers of force.”

In front of me, I see a human being. What is very strange is that I see his body of matter with its current centers of force and around this body I see all the energy bodies with different colors. Enclosing all of these bodies there is an immense body of Light that is gold and silver, of a luminosity that, if I could see it with my human eyes, would make my eyes hurt.

“There are therefore all of these layers of different colors in your energy bodies.”

They are showing me twelve layers that correspond to the twelve centers of force.

“All of this will become evident when your consciousness will be much more awakened. Of course, in the old world (before 2013) many beings saw the color of the centers of force with the eyes of their soul, and they also saw auras, but some things were not yet developed within human beings like they are beginning to be at this time; they therefore could not perceive what was imperceptible with the consciousness and the human regard upon the bodies and the centers of force of the old world.”

I am seeing again an image: I see a magnificent Christmas tree with very beautiful colors. I can’t even define some of them! I see twelve centers of force! They are absolutely magnificent!

If you could see as I see, you would say: ‘it is not possible that we could be so beautiful!

There is perfection in the colors and the energy!

It is as if they were giving me a gift of perceiving it. What I perceive is me, is you, and is all human beings. They are telling me:

“It is well beyond human beings! All life, whether it is that of animals or the vegetable kingdom, also has several bodies around it; this does not manifest in the same way as with humans.”

They are showing me a tree; I see its matter, but it does not have, as with humans, twelve energy bodies. This tree resembles a great oak. I see first a color that is a little white, and the more I look towards the exterior, the more I see some colors in tons of green and a little bit yellow, and then it returns to white. It is very luminous and beautiful.

Within animals there are more layers, that is to say more energy bodies. I see five or six. I cannot count them because they are mixed together.

“All that is living has several energy bodies. Animals, like man, have several energy bodies but it is man who has the most. They have twelve energy bodies that are not a part of their immense multi-dimensionalities but which correspond to a life in successive lives in diverse worlds.

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Once beings no longer need to incarnate, no matter where, they no longer have all these bodies that have become totally useless. They simply have bodies of dazzling Light, and they have the ability and the possibility of re-creating for themselves a body of matter for a mission that suits them; at that moment, re-creating automatically around them the twelve bodies that are necessary for them to live in some inferior worlds, some worlds of much lower vibrations than that of their body of Light.

Life is magnificent in the Universe, and it is equally magnificent in this world. You only see of life what your physical eyes that are so limited can show you! If you could see yourself in your beauty, in the beauty of what you are as beings of energy, as Beings of Light, the existential problems that are yours would be nonexistent. You would be so astonished by your beauty that you would wish without end to nourish that beauty with your Love so that it could become more and more luminous and beautiful.”

What they are having me see is truly marvelous! In this room, I see only Beings of Light; I see only your beauty, your radiance. In the center of you, I also see a large ball that is completely golden.

“This is a ball of Love that you can constantly offer because it never dries up. It is constantly fed by all of your centers of higher force that capture the immense Love Light from the very superior planes of Light, and you are not aware of it.

Of course, as human beings, you could work to grow in Love, but from the moment that you are aware that this sphere of Love Light is within you, you manifest it, therefore you no longer need to make an effort to grow in this Love.”

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You are so beautiful! I want this image to remain in me because I believe that I will never see humans in the same way; I even believe that once I will be Monique, there will be a little more when I look at my brothers, because I will have seen what they are and I hope that this image will stay with me always. In this way, I can only love you more each day; I would not see what is still a little obscure in you since I would only see the Light and I would only see Love.

“Love loves Love and Light loves Light! Love unites with Love and Light unites with Light!”

I understand better what we are all One means. Effectively, in Love and Light, we are all One.

“In this place, you are a certain number but you are all One in your brilliance, in the Love that emanates from you, in this magnificent Light.”

I would simply like to say thank you for having me perceive all of that! It is a gift, but it is also a gift for you because I have described to you what you are, and don’t forget it! I have told you to what point you are beautiful and how much Love you have in your heart.

“Do not forget that large sphere that never wears out!

Now, in your life, carry your consciousness to this sphere and let this energy of Love Light leave you freely to inundate all beings and all life.

Human beings will be more and more conscious of what we have made you aware of. Once humans will be aware of what they are, there can no longer be war, violence, sadness and disharmonies.

Be aware that all is in your hands! If you awaken yourself to that superior consciousness, be certain that even in the environments where you live you will have less desire to enter into duality. You will be serene in relation to yourselves; you will be happy, peaceful and joyful.

Tomorrow and why not today, in your heart and in your consciousness, you will become beings full of happiness, of joy, of harmony, and especially of Love.”


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