Aug Tellez – Just to be sure people understand, everything that I write on the blog, everything I speak of in discussion or on youtube, and everything that I post on here I have had direct experience with and I am merely confirming what I am bringing to you here.

The Secret Space Program

I spent many years in operation within the secret space program, and this involved travel to other civilizations and the use of advanced technology, cloning, consciousness transfer, soul technology, healing, mind-control, hybridization, electrogravitic craft, Teslian technology, mind-erasure technology, soul-stones or what is called a brain to machine interface (brain chip), spatiotemporal distortion, tech assisted ascension (for non-souled beings), organic ascension, secret societies, the cabal, multiple mind-control factions, multiple breakaway civilizations, time travel, ancient civilizations, corruption and parasitic consciousness (and more).

These are the experiences that I earned by being capable of bringing you this information today.

Distraction and Redirection of Awareness

Distractions, attacks, and attempted gas-lighting will be met with higher-awareness, self-empowerment and continue empathy.

Increasing Awareness

Those from the bases or societies will understand me, there are parasites that have merged with surface level Earth humanity and there is an increasing likelihood that they are going to attempt to distract people away from the truth, because right now, the energy is to the point where it was just before 9/11 when everything was becoming exposed as people began to realize the general trend of psychological manipulation was deceptive the only difference is that now the majority realize that the corruption is centered around authority in this civilization.

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Self-Healing and Collective-Healing

So we will have to remain calm and focused in this period and be aware that there are psychological operations that are designed to take attention away from the real issues at hand which are self-empowerment, self-healing and healing each other, self-discovery and assisting in healing the environment as well as peacefully accepting the exposure of the corruption in this civilization.

The Stability of the Population

The psychological operations are designed to test everyone who is easily distracted and allow them to basically go off on a tangent and disrupt the exposure of corruption through this. If we prove that we are capable of moving beyond revenge, then we will avoid mass casualty or civil unrest.

Everything rides on civil unrest or civil self-authority. Of course, people have been sensitized to become so easily disturbed by the truth, so complacent with the more peaceful illusion and so submissive to false-authority that we will have to come together and heal ourselves and each other all throughout this process in order to be successful.


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