Sandra Walter – St. Germaine told us on a recent Hour with an Angel that we’re being bathed by several energies.

One was the Mother’s Tsunami of Love; another, the Mother’s Tsunami of One. But we’re also being bathed in photon or gamma-ray energy. And now we hear of a fourth – Porlana C.  (1)

The combination of these energies is what’s fueling our ascension or consciousness shift.

Several lightworkers have explained the nature and impact of the photon or gamma-ray light waves.

Sandra Walter and Sue Lie are two whose findings I’d like to look at – Sandra here and Sue in a future article.

Photonic Penetration

To begin with, Sandra explains that the “pure level of Cosmic Mother frequencies” hitting the Earth at the moment “is birthing a new platform for higher states of consciousness to be anchored on the planet.” (2)

“These energies are a purer frequency of photonic light, frequencies that are typically experienced by higher realities. Realities are based on bandwidths of vibration.” (3)

Even if we restrict our attention to just the photons, we’re still being bathed in higher-dimensional energies.

Sandra reminds us that vibrational resonance determines reality.

“Realities are based on bandwidths of vibration.” (4)

If we’re in dense vibrations, we probably see a dense picture of reality.

“Your resonation determines your externally projected reality – your personal reality, as well as collective.” (5)

The effect of photonic light, she says, is to dissolve the lower vibrations, thereby raising ours. Our focus then naturally goes to the higher light.

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“Photonic light dissolves lower vibrations, and we see that occurring on the planet right now. If you focus on the lower vibe [dissolving], you will be sucked into its demise.

“As your vibration rises, all of your focus goes to the higher light.”  (6)

Notice that when the photonic light dissolves the lower vibrations, which I’ve called the “overburden,” underneath, our focus is unaffected and naturally goes to the higher light.

I’ve called this the unveiling of the natural self, through the completion of our core issues and conditioned behavior. The photonic light may be taking care of that process naturally. (Stay tuned.)

Whatever process we follow, the result is the same: Whatever obstacles present themselves to realization, once we remove them, we find our natural self.

It was there all the time but obscured by the “overburden” – karma, sadness, depression, core issues, density, illness – whatever it is that takes our attention on Planet Earth away from the Divine – whatever distracts us, prevents us from having a quiet mind, or robs us of the experience of bliss.

Sandra tells us that the photonic light is “aimed at dissolving bandwidths that no longer serve Divine Will (the Universal rewrite).”  (7)

“The effect on the collective (which is the point of this service) as this wave of photonic transformation arrives will be powerful. Embodiment for some, active participation in the Ascension process for others.” (8)

So it’ll have a powerful impact on people, depending on their awareness of what’s happening and their openness to it.


She asserts that the higher-vibrational human has opened solar gateways.

“The higher vibrational HUman collective has opened Solar gateways – very intense light which vibrates with the resonance of the Sun, Galactic center and Great Central Sun.

“This means that your Solar beingness will begin to step forth, which in turn creates a much stronger influx of light to be delivered. As above, so below.” (9)

Could these stronger waves of light that are arriving include Porlana C, perhaps?

What does this “solar beingness” promote? She explains:

“Solar beingness has an absolute attunement to the natural world and all of her secrets. Biocommunication is key; the organic merge with the kingdoms, Gaia, SUN, Galaxy; this is a natural order which photonic light brings forth in your own existence.

“This natural, elemental intuition will amplify as these Solar grids activate, because the elements in your (cleared, activated, crystalline) body will attune to it. Work with this; discover the new Gates, these physical and dimensional access points assist us in amplifying this new truly sacred geometry within Gaia.

“It works with the crystalline cities, temples and pyramids in the ethers above Gaia, as well as the structures which are deep within her. Unity, Solar Unity; united in the Christ light to bring forth the new consciousness. It is a natural, sacred, geometric flow. …

“This new level is pushing forward at the same time as disclosure, and we request balance on Gaia and the collective’s behalf. It is everything all at once this year; stay organized, centered, simplify and choose your intentions wisely.”  (10)

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Have we just heard an analysis of one important stream of energy that’s fuelling our ascension? I think we have.

Tomorrow we’ll look at the impact these waves are having on the individual.

(Continued in Part 2)



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