Romeo Baron – WE are reaching the completion of the cosmic synchronization-ascension cycle. Our planetary consciousness grid continues to merge with the new higher dimensional frequency band, simultaneously raising the ethereal frequency of Earth. The planetary consciousness grid is the mechanism that allows us to have a conscious experience, what we see around us and how we think. It is where human memory patterns are stored. As the Grid merger reaches completion some time this year, we will witness a radical shift in the collective consciousness.

Our beloved Sun is also emitting a lot of the high dimensional frequencies through ‘solar flares’ to our Planet at this time. As these DNA activating frequencies hit a peak, we are feeling sensations around our head and ears, our bodies may start vibrating more with electrical current like sensation. These frequencies are energizing our divine blueprint and allowing our DNA template to activate more strands at a normal rate which will in-turn activate our higher senses.

At this time many of us are being advised to stay out of the Sun. I would disagree with that idea. Instead I would suggest that we sungaze; let the sun in your eyes as much as possible, at proper time frames. Surrender to these high dimensional frequencies with an open heart, demonstrate unconditional love and compassion, and you will find yourself in harmonic alignment with the planetary ascension process.

Within Love-Unity,

~Romeo Baron


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