Bethan Elviea Lumina – Beloved beings!

Welcome to my video about True Love and Devotional Union, as we enter this month of February I have been receiving so many messages about True Love, through the symbol of the Swans and the lasting Union of the Beloveds. Inherently this Devotional Union occurs from within when we devote to our own unification process and devotion to our own path of Union. As this magic of True Love is ignited and we ‘remember’ how the power of True Love is the most powerful Magic of them all! This is the main principle of Creation of how Source creates and how all Life weaves together, this prime Truth of Love, is what we are made of.

We are returning to this primordial force of Divine Love internally and then blossoming into our relationships. The time of fleeting relations is dissolving as this True Love recalibrates all which is of falsity, returning it to purity and the true Everlasting Love. This marries all polarity and we are seeing how diversity is key to Unity, this journey is always exspanding so we are seeing how True Love can come in unexpected ways. This True Love is not only of fairytales, but is becoming a living reality and attainable in our Human relation experience. Although, this is our sovereign choice, we have to choose this High road, which is the middle path of Divine Love and neutrality, which is the balance of polarity.

I feel this New level of Devotion being born, which feels like a merge between the Cosmic heart and the Human heart, as this Higher Love descends into the Earthly embodiment, it’s up to us how we walk our walk and weild this powerful Creation magic. As the undevoted fragmented timelines unravel, we are living from a more coherent state of Wholeness, the past New Moon in sidereal Capricorn, emphasized what we are devoted to and dedicated to which is long lasting.

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