Romeo Baron – During the process of frequency expansion, one will experience several different physical, emotional and mental symptoms. The first frequency change occurs after healing, balancing, and aligning each of the primary chakras, which increases the frequency of the “kundalini” energy circuit. Kundalini is the natural and free flowing state of the “spirit fire” flowing along the chakra system.

The second frequency change is caused from the in streaming of high frequency astral energy entering the human energetic system. Each time there is a frequency expansion in the human energetic system, one will experience a series of ascension symptoms within the biological body. It’s important to note that personal ascension symptoms are a clear sign that the body is transforming and spiraling to a higher frequency.

The frequency of Love heals everything. Love simply clears away negative energies and can balance your chakra system and your auric field. Through love you can amplify your energy signature and raise your vibrational frequency, thus expanding your consciousness. The first step is to work on demonstrating and holding Heart-centerd emotions to keep your vibrational frequency spiraling higher. The second step is to work on changing your attitude and embrace Love-Unity for yourself and others, by removing the old paradigm ways of thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and behavior.

You must set your conscious intent to manifest your new energy signature. When you find ways to demonstrate compassion, you have taken a step forward to expanding your consciousness. When you consciously decide to move away from your old habits, those new ways of thinking and doing things generate a new and higher vibrational frequency. Change your old thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs which helps you remove energetic blockages from your old paradigm consciousness to generate a higher frequency. Simply find ways to demonstrate unconditional love and compassion towards others. It’s not about loving everyone 24/7, it is about accepting the divinity in everyone, accepting them as a
spiritual being, and your willingness to have a human experience that involves a new way of living that operates on love, peace, unity and equality. So you direct your conscious energy through your thoughts, words and actions.

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Our unloving thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and emotions cause the lower chakras to be overcharged, closed, and blocked. To energetically heal the imbalances in the lower chakras, we must remove two major types of “energy attachments,” old emotions and the ego-mind’s relationship to physical objects and beliefs. An attachment is negative energy that energetically blocks the Solar and Sacral chakras. The blocked energy must be cleared slowly, so the body can gradually adjust and function at a higher frequency. Like your conscious energy; how you think and feel generates a frequency. After steps are taken to heal and balance the lower chakras, you increase the “kundalini” current. A stronger kundalini current means a higher frequency. This frequency expansion starts the process of harmonizing the biological body.

To heal the imbalances in the sacral chakra, you need to release old negative emotions, old grudges you are holding against people. The healing process is also known as “Karmic Cord Cutting.” Karmic cord is your emotional energy connected to a person, or traumatic event, which was created from something you emotionally experienced at some point during your life. A cord is created when you have a personal conflict with a person. That negative cord represents both your pain, anger, guilt, fear, resentment etc. that was created in your mind from that incident. Karmic cords are created from experiencing a hurtful or harmful situation. Negative karmic cords can only be dissolved or transmuted through forgiveness. You must demonstrate forgiveness. You will need to stop taking ownership of that bad memory and let it go. It does not matter if you think those people were wrong and your actions were right. All these people came into your life for an incarnational reason! They volunteered to assist you at some point in your life. You must acknowledge those individuals for their spiritual service, regardless of the outcome. Karmic cord cutting does not require you to literally contact those people, you can visualize and energetically release the old emotional attachment to that person. You must confront your bad memories and detach the emotional energy from those negative experiences, because clearing out the karmic cords will raise your energy signature and heal the energetic

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To heal the imbalances in the solar chakra, you need to release yourself from physical negative attachments of materialism, greed, selfishness, power over others, social status. Attachment means fear and resisting a new way of living. Understanding that negative transference of ego, fear, and culture belief systems directly influences the solar chakra. In relation to negative transference’s, your emotional energy becomes connected to many types of physical negative attachments. The “ego-mind” is a product of human existence but is separate from consciousness. Ego is associated with pursing human activities such as materialism, wealth, status, and power and control. When the ego-mind cannot make sense of its reality, it reacts with a defense mechanism, which is often emotionally expressed as fear, anger and denial. The ego is related to selfishness; making decisions for personal
gain social status, self-interest to maintain a position in the world, which results in the complete disregard to the welfare, social and/or ethical concerns for others. For example, your ego-mind has made you believe that materialism and wealth are necessary to your survival. This illusion has falsely taught you that your life is a competition against other people to maintain your basic human desires and your personal worth as a human is a measure of your performance against others, and your reality has been designed to keep feeding you with fear and to keep you focused on survival.

You must detach yourself from the things that keep energetically binding you. Detachment is so hard to do because your ego-mind has entrapped your emotions. When you try to remove these physical items and beliefs from your life, your emotions automatically react and create a fear-based reaction. This emotional reaction gives you the feeling that you cannot live and survive in this world or exist without your material possessions. The lower vibrational emotions of fear and anger have energetically attached, built up and have blocked your solar chakra. When you take steps to release your dependency to your old physical attachments, and fully embrace and change your mind set about the concept of survival, welfare, and security, and understand that new Earth will provide abundance for all, you will not manifest fear and anger. The dominance of the ego-mind will stop people from achieving their personal ascension, because they will resists releasing their old ways of thinking and doing things to accept change. This is the conscious battle between consciousness and the ego-mind. A higher vibrational frequency means higher consciousness without the ego-mind in control.


Understanding that you are an unlimited, infinite being. Our ultimate purpose here on Earth is to master divinity, by demonstrating heart-centered qualities of unconditional love and compassion. Heart-centered qualities of unconditional love and compassion are the most important attribute for personal ascension and why healing the lower chakras is the priority.

~Romeo Baron

The following list provides a summary of various strategies for healing the primary chakras, which can be used for your ascension journey.

CROWN: Affirmation or prayer, meditation, learning & studying new spiritual knowledge.

BROW: Creative arts, guided visualization techniques, working with intuition, third eye training meditation.

THROAT: Singing, humming, chanting, verbal communication.

HEART: Learning skills in unconditional love and compassion, hugging, pushups, deep breathing exercises.

SOLAR PLEXUS: Ego detachment exercises, stress and anger management exercises, martial arts, hoola hoops, belly dancing, upper stomach exercises, meditation.

SACRAL PLEXUS: Lower stomach exercise, karmic cord cutting, emotional release exercises, healthy pleasures and indulgences.

BASE: Sexual touching & stimulation, walking, yoga, swimming, grounding exercises, massage, outdoor activities, physical activities.


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