Creatress Bethan – This is our Cosmic initiation oracle wheel for this Eclipse in Leo. It’s based on the current energy waves coming through as we enter this Eclipse passageway, Eclipses always bring something round full circle. A culmination of what was seeded last Eclipse and a New seeding for the next 6 months. In sidereal astrology the Eclipse is in 8 degrees Leo, this refers to the reunion of polarity, infinite abundance, creativity and magic. The number 8 also has a Goddess sexuality about it, the brave heart of Leo aswell as being fearlessly courages is also about how we work with our creativity and sexuality through Self expression. I also feel a very playful and fun energy in the air, as our inner child wants to play! Although alongside this we also face what is being divorced and dying in our lives. We may feel this Death of the old ways, it’s important to sit and release these feelings to welcome space for the New.

The base tone of the reading was #commitment – what are we committing and devoting ourselves too this Full Moon? The firey Leo is going to shine a spot light of illumination on whatever we are embracing Now. Situations around Duality may be surfacing so they can be harmonized, integrated and #transmuted before we enter this New #threshold. As this gateway opens, we step through a New threshold which acts as a breakthrough into the next stage of our journey. As this is the first Eclipse of the year, this is creating an initial #foundation of what is being laid this year. We’re asked to recognize our innate architect powers of building this New Earth for one and all! We’re asked to go beyond the boundaries of #limitations – it’s time to release anything that may be holding us back and still keeping us contained in limiting beliefs. These may be old #karmic patterns still tied to the old template, Now is a great time to cut any old ties we feel no longer serve us and release what is no longer in resonance with our New Self. This releasing and clearing will allow the New Light to overflow in the space we have created.

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There is a potential of receiving #universalabundance as we upon up to this overflowing Universal Love and breathe in this New Light!

These are some auspicious times, which is opening a greater potential for creativity of this higher reality of all concerned. As we embrace this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Leo, this culminates one cycle seeded last September, and progresses a New cycle over the next 6 months. This Eclipse also meets the sidereal North Node in Leo, this gives us a greater alignment to work with in where we are directing our own compass and what direction is our Life path headed. Time to choose, and choose the High road, align ourself with the greater Divine plan and destiny of our Soul’s Heart desire! The fiery Lion energy of Leo, ignites our Soul passion and asks us to be brave and courageous in our decision making.

With every Eclipse, we divorce something old and marry something New, Now is the best time to cut any old tie’s to what feels obsolete. To make way for the New Light, which opens up our golden Heart’s to the Universal Love pouring through right now and the overflowing Universal abundance at hand.

A Cosmic Marriage, of magnetizing all aspects from all angles into a Divine coherence of One unified Whole.

Have a spectacular Full Moon/Eclipse!

Bethan <3


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