Stacy Vajta – It sure seems like a whole lot of people are in transition right now. It’s as though the long years of intense transformational work we have done, shedding past versions of ourselves, is complete, and now it’s time we take what’s important to us to the next level.

The universe has created a doorway for you to walk through, to step into an even greater version of yourself that feels aligned with your deepest intentions; where all your wants and desires finally become your focus. And although stepping through that doorway into the life you seek should feel like an ending to all that hard work, it might actually feel more like a beginning… with a very unclear path laid out ahead.

So… now what?

“Now what?” — That’s what this “beginning” feels like for some people. There’s a big open expanse of energy on the other side of that door of yours, and it’s your job to decide what manifests within that, for you. I liken this “now what” phase of transition to traveling at 100 MPH and then all of a sudden coming to a standstill. It can feel like you have hit a wall, even though you’ve actually been tearing walls down.

Here’s why: your focus is changing. No longer are you placing your attention and energy on what’s behind you, and what’s needed to clear, for you to envision this next phase of your life. The intensity of all this inner growth you’ve been doing is slowing down some. That constant process of dealing with “your stuff,” that was always flinging itself in your face to be looked at, has relaxed some. Instead of looking over your shoulder at what was, you are now turned forward, facing that open doorway and the expansiveness in front of you, and you’re being asked to choose. And perhaps, despite the fact that this is what you wanted, the moment of choice has left you feeling lost… confused… and feeling unable to move forward.

I’ve been looking at the energy of transitions a lot lately; mostly where people are stuck in them. Almost everyone who’s working with me these days is in this very place.

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To step through your door into what’s ahead, there are 3 key pieces to your next big transition:

Knocking out what inhibits you from making a choice.

Suppressing your own wants and needs – trading yourself for someone else’s version of you – becomes a pattern over time. Inhibiting your own energy eventually dampens your Spirit enough that you simply don’t feel passion. You look at that big empty canvas of life ahead of you now, and you go blank. Even if you are clear that it’s time to shift your life in some way, where you’re stuck is, in deciding what you want.

What you want has been hidden away. It may not even feel safe to claim what you want. But to get through that door that’s begging you to step forward into new territory, what needs to happen is for you to reach deep down and unpack what holds you back from believing it is OK to want what you want. This may be your issue if you get defensive when people really push you to say what you want.

It’s no fun to be here, I know. I’ve spent a lot of time suppressing what I wanted, struggling to claim what I wanted without feeling guilty or unworthy. But that stuff has to be recognized, cleared and re-wired right now, because the Universe is waiting for you to ask — in no uncertain terms — for what you want.

Transforming desire into decision.

Things don’t manifest until they land in your body. And the way to get something to land is to spend time looking at how willing you are to do what it takes to make it happen; in other words, to make a decision to make it so. Transforming desire into a clear, embodied decision is a vital piece to you moving into what lies ahead of you. And I hate to say it, but a whole lot of us want things that we aren’t really committed to making happen.

But when you finally drop in and decide that you want something, and you are willing to own that — in body, mind, and spirit — the Universe gets to work.

I see this transition block with clients all the time. For years they may have been in “want-mode,” and a little work to get them into “deep decision mode” gets the energy flowing. All of a sudden they meet the people who offer assistance, they connect to the new job, or they manifest the next bit of funding needed. Things line up. The Universe is simply waiting for you to decide you want this… and that decision happens deep in your belly.

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Shift your desire to decision and step back!

Thinking outside your box.

The kinds of transitions people are making these days are big ones, at least for the folks I work with. They are a total re-direction; a re-alignment of what you do and who you are to your true heart and spirit.

It can feel daunting, though, to look ahead and realize that all of a sudden there is a new career path ahead of you. It can feel scary to recognize that for you to do what you know you must, it’s important to move across the country. It can feel terrifying to know that you’re going to need to work way outside your comfort zone to access what you are growing into — that is, if you stay thinking about it from the same lens you have been living your life through, up until now.

You must get out of your box to see the breadcrumbs guiding you forward. Shifting this is mindset work, and it can help to have someone who is holding a higher vibrational space to be your guide into what you can’t yet see. But this is really what all this transitional work is about: you stepping into new territory! And you’ll never see the way if you keep using the tools you know. And we know this. Logically we know that we have to learn to think in new ways and try new things and see the world in new ways to up-level, but when we are pushed against the wall of change, it’s far too easy to revert back to what we know.

Get help. That’s all I can say, if you are stuck in a state of transition right now, and you want to find yourself somewhere new.

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Creativity is the other piece of out of the box thinking. What you may be transitioning into may not even be invented yet! So feel free to reach out there into your own imagination and think beyond what you know… or what any of us knows. Sometimes working through the fear of creating a roadmap to something entirely unknown to any of us is exactly what you need to find the path that will get you there.

The transition is real!

The Universe seems to not be playing around here when it comes to you stepping through that door into something new and more amazing in your life. But the way I see it is, the means to the bigger, more powerful levels of growth coming your way are going to come to you not by an outside force pushing change upon you, but by your inner choice to grow. You must point the way. And, if you’re stuck in your transition, or in that “now what?” energy, you owe it to yourself to clear what keeps you from choosing, to transform what you choose into a deep state of desire so the Universe has no choice but to line things up for you, and to intentionally think in new ways to see new things.

It’s an exciting time to be going for it! The only way is through that door of yours.


About the author: 

Stacy Vajta

Stacy Vajta is a transformational coach and intuitive healer, with over 30 years experience working with people to break through the core patterns that hold them back from living a life they love. Her work is a blend of powerful transformative energy healing, intuitive work, coaching and mentoring, all designed to help you clarify what’s going on, break through what has you stuck and create an easier way to move you forward.

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