My name is Andrew. About 6 months ago I found my Spirit/Light body and began my ascension into the 5th Dimension. I cleared my 7 Chakras and overall have just been enjoying life. I wrote a book about my experience and how I got to this point in my life.
In my book I talk about Aliens, Quantum Mechanics, Relativity, Meta Physics and most importantly the Ascension. This is what is known as the Last Day in Islam or the book of Revelations. My book I explain the Higher Dimensions broken down by consciousness and Particle Physics. It is a connection to String Theory, Relativity and Gravity all backed up by Math. The Collective Ascension of Humanity is about 30 years or so away I imagine. I talk about it in the book.
I wrote a whole book through the SOUL. Inside I come up with an idea for Einstein’s Unified Field Theory or the Theory of Everything. In the back of the book I channel messages from higher dimensional Aliens. Its a FREE DOWNOAD. Check it out: www.bodymindheartsoul.org is the website


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